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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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A drabble for HinduStar

Felicia loved Adam with a passion that flashed bright as magnesium and quick as Einsteinium.

She began as a Valentine greeting; she became the orphan project: never enough funding to complete, too beloved to terminate. When he finally executed her, his reputation was assured. The massively complex artificial intelligence necessary to solve the intractable field equations that enabled perpetual cold fusion was Adam's literal brainchild.

In Felicia's brief existence, her imperfect prototype joined with Adam's unique genius to produce a new form of entity. It had no soul, but it understood its mother's dying words:

I forgive you, my love.

A drabble is a work of fiction consisting of exactly 100 words. There are still four letters up for grabs in my original drabble request post.

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I'm missing by not making time for journalling. The drabbles are fun and challenging but I just haven't made time lately for writing about me. :(

I want more about YOU! That's the only way I know what's going on with you.

I am NOT anonymous, internet-man! Stop trying to hide my identity!

Hee hee.

I DO need to start writing more regularly. I just don't when that's going to happen, at this point.

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