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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Working Deb makes for Dull Reading
I've been working days, which means more hours, better sleeping schedule, and not so much with the journaling. But the next today's (w00t! for early direct deposit) paycheck is sweet, as is paying the penultimate payment on my car. :)

We're going to DC for the Fourth of July, and I'm just now getting around to journaling about it. We won't get to see Spydie, as she is headed this direction. Plans are to fly into Reagan tomorrow morning, drop our bags off at the hotel (near from Union Station), then take a Capitol tour. Flar got tickets through Bunning's office, and the time is relatively soon after we land. I'm not sure what else we have on tap for tomorrow, but I hope to retire early, since we're leaving the house at 5am.

Friday, we're going to the National Archives for a reading of the Declaration of Independence, the West Lawn for a free concert, and a restaurant, whose name escapes me, for food and a panoramic view of the fireworks display.

Saturday, Flar and Critter are taking the train to NY while Tigger and I hang out at the hotel. I'm going to split my time between catching up on bills, teaching myself how to use my bead-loom, and reading/writing. Tigger will probably sleep.

We'll spend Sunday and Monday at the various monuments and museums, and fly home Monday night.

Yesterday, I took the boys to John's Run/Walk and bought new walking shoes and sandals for myself, shoes for Tigger and sandals for Critter. Tigger also asked for a nifty shirt, which I approved, for dressing up during our vacation. The rest of the time, he can wear his sweaters, which he insists keep him cool. (Just like they claim all that hair keeps English Sheep Dogs cool in the heat. I don't see it.)

Today, I dropped off testers and bought a tube of MK sunblock. It's the first sunblock I've ever used that soaked in like moisturizer, instead of making me feel like I'd rubbed on some form of liquid latex. Most sunblocks make me feel ill - and bring up mental images of dying like the hotties in Goldfinger.

We started packing last night, but there's a bunch of things I'm waiting to pack until after 9 tonight. By then, I'll have hooked up Flar, so I can pack the spiking box; it'll be past my computer bedtime, so I can pack up the laptop; etc. etc.

I got a note in the parking lot at work. The building people finally noticed (after two weeks) that I've been parking all day in visitor spots. I called to clarify that it's okay for night shift, but when I work days, I'm going to have to park in the garage, or make other arrangements. The garage is a $4 ding per day, so I'm hoping to find something cheaper. Actually, if I'm going to continue working days, I'll probably start doing the park and ride thing that Lextran has just started in the WM parking lot at Nicholasville & Man-O-War. It would mean less than half the driving.

The next yard sale is coming up on July 12. Kyred came over a couple of weekends ago and helped me to tie-dye a bunch of handkerchiefs, burp cloths and onesies. I'm going to sell them for $5 apiece, discounting for volume sales.

Flar got Critter and Tigger and I all involved in cleaning out the Lincoln room, since he's going to be leaving for Brazil next weekend. It's ready for company, as soon as I strip and wash the sheets, but the front hall is chaotic. It's the gathering area for yard sale items and craft stuff that needs to be organized, and I'll have my hands full next week, wading through it to identify stuff for the yard sale.

I still haven't listed books for sale of Half.Com, and since the yard sale is coming up, I need to at least figure out pricing, so I can haul the boxes to the yard sale before I list them.

At least I have an identifiable pile for the electronics recycling week when we get back from DC.

Critter's been given charge of all dishes until Bel gets here (she likes to wash dishes), and a valve blew on the dishwasher, so he's been having to wash them by hand. Tigger's been doing the laundry overnight (one of the advantages of letting him be nocturnal over the summer is getting a house-elf in the process), leaving me just the task of folding mine and Flar's, and the towels and linens.

The dogs are already at the kennel, and it's very strange for the house to be so empty and quiet.

Flar just got home. More updates, and even drabbles, over the weekend.

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Enjoy the trip, sounds like you've planned it out perfectly.

Hey there. Have a great time in DC! You still gunna be able to come into Louisville for lunch sometime after you get back? Hope so.

I got an indication that they'll want me on nights again once the new scanner (person, not machine) is working; I'm hoping I'll be able to ride up with Matt one day next week.

Do you know what your schedule is, that would make any day better than another? We're arriving home Monday night, and I've got church on Friday morning, so the choices are Tuesday through Thursday.

Any of those days during the day are fine. Whatever is convenient for you. Let me know and we'll work with that. Did I send you my cell #?

I've got it as
mobile 413-four four one-2305

Yup. So give me a call and we'll figure things out when you get back. I can work around your schedule. I have no real hard and fast plans during the days. So looking forward to seeing you!

Have an awesome trip! It sounds like loads of fun.

If his sweaters are wool, then they probably do keep him cool.

Most of his sweaters are cotton or acrylic, and a loose weave. I also prefers to get them about three sizes to large, to allow for hand protection as well.

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