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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Catching up, yet again
Busy Day
There is so much that I'm writing back-dated entries, so as not to spam your friends list. (*nudges halo to get it straight*) And hey, if I'm back-dating, I might as well date them according to when they happened. My apologies to friends who read their f-list in such a way that following links is annoying.

Oops, need a new icon.

Pictures from the Anniversary Party

Critter's Graduation

Critter's Graduation Party

ZOMG minutes, a good customer service story

Tech news

Critter is dating

Flar's continuing medical saga

The state of the me

Coming next: A writing meme

But hey, with this many back-entries, it demonstrates how busy I've been, eh?

And now, time for the two year olds!

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you really are always busy aren't you. Nice pictures.

Thank you. I had fun looking through them again, even just a couple of weeks later.

Just in the last week, the pace has slowed, and I've found myself winding down and sleeping more, rather than turning my energies to summer projects. I live so much of my life by deadlines that when I can choose what to do with my time I flail. Getting back to writing is a step away from that, I hope.

for some reason the State of the Me link didn't work. The other ones did for me. hmmm.

Ooh, thanks for catching that for me. All fixed now.

Sure. I wanted to know how you are doing you know! Smile. Was just thinking about you the other day and am glad to see a post...or 5!

Thanks. :)

I've been thinking about you -- and looking forward to meeting you! As it turns out, I'm not going to be in town when you arrive in Louisville; we're going to DC for the Fourth, and we'll be returning on the 7th. I'd love to get together with you after I get back, though. As Flar will be driving to Louisville most of the rest of the week for business, I can ride along, and then drive to pick you up and take you out -- for lunch, or whatever will work.

Oh, and I just realized I don't have alt tags in any of my pictures in all of the posts. My bad. Will edit shortly. :)

Yeah. Laura told me that both you and she would be out of town for the 4th weekend. I'll be there til the 12th so we still have time.

Where are you going for the weekend?

We're flying to Reagan airport in DC on the 3rd, leaving on the 7th. We're staying in a Hyatt somewhere downtown, and Flar's already sent a letter to our senator asking for tickets to the senate gallery and the white house, and he's also sent an inquiry to the hotel concierge about arrangements on the Fourth. Apparently there's a free concert on the East Lawn that day, and the artists include Huey Lewis and the News (woot!).

Oh how fun!!! I saw Huey Lewis years ago. I'll be in DC at the end of july for a week for work. Unfortunately I don't get to do a lot of sight seeing while there but hopefully I'll get to see Spydie and chite while there. We're planning on it anyway. You and your family will have a great time! There is so much to see in DC.

I need to email Spydie and Chite about getting together. thanks for the reminder.

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