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Catching up, yet again

There is so much that I'm writing back-dated entries, so as not to spam your friends list. (*nudges halo to get it straight*) And hey, if I'm back-dating, I might as well date them according to when they happened. My apologies to friends who read their f-list in such a way that following links is annoying.

Oops, need a new icon.

Pictures from the Anniversary Party

Critter's Graduation

Critter's Graduation Party

ZOMG minutes, a good customer service story

Tech news

Critter is dating

Flar's continuing medical saga

The state of the me

Coming next: A writing meme

But hey, with this many back-entries, it demonstrates how busy I've been, eh?

And now, time for the two year olds!
Tags: bibble, links, parties
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