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The State of the Flar

Flar's been back on PD since Monday. He's doing half-volume fills, using the Tidal feature which leaves some fluid behind on each drain, to avoid Drain Pain. Monday night, we lost power at 4:45pm, so we had to use a manual set to drain in the morning. Tuesday night, he had minimal Drain Pain. Wednesday night, we stopped the initial drain soon enough to avoid pain, and the rest of the night he didn't even get woken up by it. Thursday night, he did the setup and connect on his own, and let the pain go a bit longer than he should have - he was sore most of Friday. Last night went pretty well.

There has been NO leakage out of his exit site, so we're optimistic that he'll do well on 1.5 liter fills this week.

Monday, Flar has another appointment with his surgeon. I've upgraded him to bandaids on his incision site, but we're still using gauze and tape for his exit site. He's going to ask about ongoing care, and when he can start swimming again.

We're generating an empty box a night, suitable for holding 12 liters of liquid. We're going to use them in the process of culling and selling books, but there will be way more than we need...
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