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Critter's social life

Critter hasn't dated much in high school. Mostly it was a combination of school work, friends' extracurricular schedules, and bad timing. Mind you, more of his friends in high school are female than male.

I think we found out two weeks before prom that he was going. A good friend of his, CuppyKate, had a friend who wasn't seeing anyone, A, and CuppyKate decided that Critter needed a date to the prom, so she set them up. He met A at the mall, when he helped her pick up her dress, pick out his tux, and pick out flowers for each other. Then they all went to laser tag with another of his friends. Critter took A to a movie before the prom, and hung out with her a bit after the prom, but apparently they didn't become An Item. Prom night was apparently fun; Critter did all driving and ended up crashing on A's couch after delivering her home.

Now Critter is seeing CuppyKate, who doubled with him to the prom, and has gone through another boyfriend since then. They are tres cute together, as she is very cuddly. I've no idea if they'll last through the summer, but it's kind of fun having girls in the house. :)

Edited to note: CuppyKate has named herself in my journal, and is still very much around. I'm totally rooting for them to make it through four (five?) years of long-distance dating before building a life together. Shhhh... Don't tell anyone how pleased I am that they both want kids. :)
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