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Oops, I never got around to writing about getting an iPhone.

Flar took me to a Derby Party, and we both pulled names in a $20 buy-in, winner-take-all pool. I pulled Big Brown. (Yes, I counted the winnings before Flar pointed out to me that $20x20 horses yields $400.) When I asked Flar what I could do with my winnings, he said "anything but give it to the church; you're already giving them a lot." Further conversation determined that the best, most frivolous thing I could do with the money was get an iPhone. So we got one on the way home. They were out of stock of 8G, so we added in a bit more money, and I got a 16G phone.

And yes, I am loving it. Fave things: Contacts includes Groups from Address Book (but not Smartgroups). Visual voicemail. Listening to audiobooks and podiobooks and switching over seamlessly to incoming phone calls. The alarm clock. The high quality ringtones that I've made using iTunes. Mind you, I'm looking forward to some of the improvements coming in July: mass deletion in Email. Scientific calculator. The app store.

Critter was all set to buy a 3G iPhone adter the WDDC announcement on June 9th. Bad news, he has to wait 'til July 11. Good news, the price has dropped. Bad news, his data plan will be $10 more than mine.

Mom is planning to upgrade to a 3G asap, and give her iPhone to Tigger. They're coming back to KY in July, so there may be more iPhones in the fam soon.

For a combination anniversary present to Flar and me, and graduation present to Critter, Mom and Dad have bought us an airport extreme and three webcams. Now we can video chat, which will be especially nice when Critter is away at college.

I think that covers it.
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