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Critter graduated from East Jessamine High, third in his class of 214.

There were Co-Valedictorians, and Critter was the Salutatorian. In addition to his regular diploma, he was awarded the Kentucky Commonwealth Diploma, recognizing his AP classwork. He was recognized for a Distinguished Portfolio, and he received a medallion as a Kentucky Scholar. He had two medallions, two cords and two tassels altogether, and I've forgotten what all of them meant.

a picture of Critter, wearing his cap and gown and cords and medallions and tassels Critter's regalia
Critter in all his finery, before the ceremonies.
Critter, in cap and gown and all,  and Mom, both in sunglasses Critter and Mom
I just love this picture of the two of them in their sunglasses.
a picture of Critter in his cap and gown, at dinner after Graduation Dinner after Graduation
Critter was "too lazy" to take off his cap and gown, so our guest of honor was obvious at dinner.

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