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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Catching up: Two parties down, two to go
The AWP was great. A weekend long home visit, where friends bring you food, fix it, feed you, and clean up after you. We made tie-dye shirts, and I've a great design waiting for me to turn it into t-shirts transfers to mail out to peeps.

Mom and Dad's Anniversary party/Mom's Birthday party went very nicely. The Radisson duded up the room quite nicely. We had two rounds set for 16; scattered cocktail tables; a host bar; a table with appetizers in chafing dishes and a chef's station for prepping pasta dishes and stir-fry. The food was yummy; the service was friendly and efficient. Mom and Dad loved their party. :)

All the invitations are out for the next two parties, with the exception of one of Critter's friends, for whom he has yet to find an address. Fortunately, he does have an email address, so the friend has gotten the evitation.

Mom has been helping me catch up. The kitchen is in good shape, but I still have the grill rocks, grill racks, griddle and sushi mats to clean. The laundry is coming along; all the clean is folded, but there are many more loads to run. Today, I'm in Flar's office, so I'll get all caught up on finances.

Flar saw his surgeon on Monday, and has another week of "taking it easy" (which we are enforcing as "no driving"). He has another "flush and fill" (it's really a fill and drain in order to flush the catheter, but somehow familiar terms tend to stick) tomorrow, and then will start PD on Monday with reduced fill quantities. He's healing well, and itches terribly.

Tomorrow, we have an honors breakfast to attend in the morning for Critter, then graduation is Friday evening. I'm finally going back to Life Group in the morning, but I will once again have to miss The Mat. Saturday, we're having a dessert reception in honor of our graduate, after he returns with his posse from an evening out in a stretch limo. It's arriving at the house at 3:30pm to begin the process of picking up all of them, then taking them to the Movie Tavern to see Kung Fu Panda. We can't buy tickets ahead until tomorrow. (*pout*)

The fourth party is Tigger's sleepover; always laid-back, this year he's inviting seven friends.

Enough procrastination, time to get to work. :)

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How does a sleepover work for someone who sleeps all day? :-)

Like anybody actually *sleeps* during a sleepover. ;)

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