Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Catching Up

So that I can fall behind again. I'm current on email, but I haven't read live journal in at least a day. I've time to write an update, but not enough time to catch up on reading. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday was...
Not nearly so productice as I'd have liked. I didn't sleep well Sunday night, and seemed to sleep-walk through early Monday. But I did finally get a start on Tigger's Ball of String costume, after bedtime. I ran through all the white glue I'd bought for it, and what we also had laying about the house. Need more glue.

Watched The Dragonard and The Last Castle to keep me awake. Washed dishes through the end of the latter, it was so good. But I do hope that the first was *meant* to be so silly. I swear the voice at the end was the narrator from all those bad Kung Fu movies...

Tuesday was...

A long, tiring day of many errands. Bowling, Garden Ridge, Party City, Rusty Scabbard, Voting, Taking Ouchy to the Vet, picking up the boys, dropping them, IncrediPet, Wal-Mart and then Kroger. By the time I was home and able to eat dinner, I had no anything left. Flar wandered in, while on the phone with Gaucha, and handed it to me to say a few words. I felt as if I'd been confronted an insurmountable task. Froze, fell apart. Made him promise to *always* be there to translate during vacation.

I finished putting the yarn on the balloon for Tigger's costume. Took forever, but it was done.

Bowling was good. I averaged 157 for the series; my average is 136.

Wednesday was...
A busy, productive day. I started out by banging my head against the net-wall, trying to get my laptop to connect to the lan. Turns out I just have to twiddle, and be patient. Did it to me again this afternoon.

I watched Angel with Knight, then came home to work. With a trip to pick up the boys and pick up games and pick up groceries, and a small pause for dinner, I spent the day finishing this week's laundry, finishing Tigger's Ball of String Costume, making Critter's Can of Coke costume, and getting bowling forms ready for two weeks running. I also had time to start some of my packing, and tidied more of the kitchen.

Flar got the boys to help with cleaning, so the family room has been vaccuumed, and the green bathroom cleaned. Their clothes are clean and sorted, but not yet folded or put away.

I only stayed up until 1am working on Critter's costume, and since I didn't really start on it until nearly 11, that's pretty good. I made the mistake of doing regular laundry, and then washing the material for his costume. Oops. But while I waited for the last of the laundry to dry, I got the sewing table cleared off, and the ironing board, so that I had a place to work.

Which leads up to today...

One of the women on my Thursday bowling league has her birthday tomorrow, so we had a Halloween/birthday party for her at the bowling alley this morning. One of the women brought sausage balls. Yum. And I've discovered a donut better than Krispy Kreme. It's made by a family run business in Lexington, named Spaldings. Light as Krispy Kremes, with a yellow-er batter, and crunchier outside where the donut isn't machine-generated perfectly shaped. Yumm

Ate breakfast and party food with my fangs in. I'm getting better at that, but I still had to take them out twice, and still prefer eating without them.

I finished out setting the clocks today, by getting batteries put in two watch-sized table clocks, and in watch that Flar wants to wear on vacation. The last hold-out was the wind-up in the family room. It doesn't have a pendant, and I don't care for forwarding through more chimes than I can avoid. :)

I'm in a short lull right now, dozing rather than napping, before picking up the boys, making dinner, then following them over to Bébé's place and then Knight for trick or treat. I get to hand out treats while Flar takes the boys around the neighborhoods. At Knight's, I get to sit around watching them give out treats.

After we finish trick or treat, we'll come home and pack for the trip. Tomorrow, when I have more time, I'll upload pictures of the boys' costumes.

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