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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Play day
I've been spending the day playing. I now have the picture parts of the cake, centerpieces and place cards made. Tigger is making the stands for the place cards, and I need to make a supply run before I can finish the cake and centerpieces.

Time for a shower, then finances, then supply run.

Tonight, Critter has a dinner with the speech team, to which Tigger is invited; I'm driving Flar to Malone's for a dinner meeting.

Tomorrow, Mom and Dad are due in at 12:40pm in Louisville. I'm leaving here at 11am in Flar's car; Critter doesn't need to leave for school until 11am; Flar will be working at home.

Baking begins tomorrow after we arrive home from Louisville. I have only to bake two tiers, and I have a conservatively elegant style planned out.

We leave here at 4pm on Saturday with cake, centerpieces and place cards.

I've still got details to iron out for Critter's graduation party, the invitations to mail for that and for Tigger's sleepover.

Then summer may commence; long-term goals for the summer:

Cull last year's files; clean-up file cabinets.
Organize craft supplies.
Cull unused kitchen supplies for yard sales; at least two more sales this summer.
Finish a certain birthday present which is long overdue.

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I found a few cute $1 onesies at Target to donate for tie-dying for your next yard sale.

Also, a prayer request!

...which didn't get added before I hit "enter" to log in (and accidentally submit my comment).

prayer post ---> http://taliajenea.blogspot.com/

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