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The busy part of a lazy summer

Tigger is out of school, and gleefully flipping his sleep schedule. He wants 7-7, but I'm pushing for 5-5. Sleeping am to pm, that is. ;) With no set schedule during the days, I should be able to get to work by 7 every night, and wake up by 10 or 11 very day. Oh, the complete sleep cycle of the summer. ;) Critter still has another week of classes, and then a week of graduation related activities.

I'm down to planning three parties: Mom and Dad's (still need to make placecards, centerpieces and the cake), Critter's (still need to nail down details so I can send out invitations), and Tigger's (just need to send out invites).

The All Weekend Party was great. We had between 20 and 30 people at any particular time. Piles of colorful tie-dye were generated. Lots of good food was eaten. The bonfire was a flaming success, albeit late in the weekend.

Yesterday, Flar had an appointment at the dialysis training center. His catheter is fine, but they were concerned about very low blood pressure and a pinkness on his belly. We had to stay for IV fluids to help his BP, and he got to splurge on Taco Bell for a bit of helpful sodium. His BP is up to normal ranges now, his pain is down to where he's not taking pain meds, and there's no change in the pinkness (pronounced good by the nurse who phoned today).

While we were out, my housekeeper came and worked her magic. There's still lots of putting-away to do, but the bathrooms and floors are all clean.

This morning, I washed many of the pots and pans needing attention, and ran another load in the dishwasher. The mound in the kitchen is less intimidating. Thunder is coming over later to pick up leftovers, so he will get to help me clean out the fridge a bit.

Before I can get back to party planning, I need to catch up on regular mail/bill/finances.

And speaking of finances, work is changing. Opman found a job closer to home, but I managed to get an annual review in the middle of the chaos. I'm getting a 7% raise, and in the next few weeks I'll get trained on doing outputs, so I can expect more hours. The extra income will be welcome for paying debt and contributing to Imagine 2.

Oh, and the weather is beautiful. We've got the windows open in the jacuzzi room, and when I came in this morning the room was crisp and fresh-smelling.
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