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Sloughing off the negative by writing about it always helps. Get the words out, whine and rant and vent, then be matter-of-fact and to-the-point when the conversation comes.


Tigger is not ordinary. I mean, it's not like he's from Mars or anything, and I'm not seeing a Curious Incident in the offing. But he's just not quite.


Like, really there is such a thing?

The sweaters are not against dress code. And seriously, they trap more odor than they produce. I understand the mechanism. And there are three orange ones. Honest.

No, of course there is no way in heck I am even suggesting deodorant.

What do you do with a super-smeller whose best line of defense against the world around him is his own familiar, comfortable smell? A boy off of whom any amount of teasing would just plain slide, like water off a duck?

One new alarm setting coming up: Remind Tigger to shower. Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. Cause Sunday-Wednesday might have been working, but it leaves no wiggle room for forgetfulness.

Can we just revel right now, in the fact that all of his assignments are in on time, he's awake and alert in the morning? No, you don't want to know that he has to "drug" himself with melatonin to sleep in the very unnatural (to him) nighttime; you don't want to know that he can concentrate in class because his own smell blocks out the pollens and the molds from outside, and the stinking deodorants and artificial scents wafting from his classmates, the perfumes that follow his teachers.

Do I tell them that I haven't used shampoo for months? Offer up my own, natural, clean scent for an example that soothes rather than ruffles my own child?

Five More Days of School.
Five More Days of School.
Five More Days of School.
Five More Days of School.

no, the school doesn't offer showers to the kids until high school. they do dress out for gym, but he plays hard in recess, too.

Five More Days of School.
Five More Days of School.
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