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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Our busy day
Busy Day
As I write this, the computer is image processing the last queue of the night.

When last we left our intrepid heroes, we were resting in a respite between medical appointments. After I updated my journal, I fixed lunch for each of us, cleared off the rest of the jacuzzi, then worked on yard sale toys. I put batteries in the toys that worked, cleaned them all, and priced them. I had started in on the Chevron car collection when it was time go again.

First we went to the doctor's office. Critter does not have appendicitis; he has gastroenteritis. Our doctor prescribed Reglan to help the natural process of clearing out the infection, and let Critter keep the CD of the CT scan.

Next stop was the hardware store (next door), to buy screws to fix one of our folding chairs. After that it was time to pick up Tigger and bring him to Tutoring Club. We dropped him off, then drove to Kroger to fill the prescription and pick up some provisions.

We got home at 6:30. Flar fixed dinner, so I got to eat before I left for work.

Processing is about done, so now I get to head home.

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My parents just realized they *couldn't* babysit Sunday afternoon/evening after all. Any chance you guys want to catch a pre-6 showing of Caspian (the movie, not the child) tomorrow night? Or meet us for dinner?

Hey there! I have not received your thebrenljidol entry for this week...you have just over 30 minutes to submit!


getting right on that with thinking.

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