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Life's been busy

I've been too busy to write lately.

Yesterday I got quite a shock. My phone project for the day was to get proof of health insurance for Critter, and print for him a list a hospitals in-network in Houston.

It got a little complicated when I tried to login to the Anthem page. I'd forgotten my password *and* forgotten the name of my high school English teacher (security question: what was the last name of your favorite high school teacher). I called and got my password reset, then changed my security question to something I'll remember.

Then went to the "request id cards" page, where I found a list of covered family members. There's me. There's Tigger. (No Flar - he has a state policy due to his kidneys.) No Critter. I went through a tiny moment of panic, thinking that we must have needed to do something official to keep him on the policy after he turned 18.

Another phone call. It turns out that Critter is on the policy, but since he's 18, I could no longer look at his records. HIPAA strikes again. I then got help to wend my way through their webpages, to get a list of in-network hospitals. The main hospitals in the medical center across the street from Rice are in-network; I printed the full list for Critter.

Once Critter got home, I got him to make the call request an ID card, then register in the Anthem webpage and clicky the box that allows me to see his information. Yay! My boy is visible again. ;)

I've been working around the house, various catching up on chores and whittling away at the clutter. Sunday I caught up on a whole bunch of back-filing. I conquered a backlog of dishes last night, and today I have the laundry in my sights. Saturday, KYRedHead is coming over to help sort through toys for the garage sale versus trash. Fun projects in the near future include re-organizing the linen cabinet and medicine cabinets, and clearing off the sewing table and folding table. Yes, the white table is for folding clothes and wrapping presents -- not the jacuzzi top. ;)

Meanwhile, I'm also planning four (five) parties: The AWP - Anybody Wanna Potluck? May 23-26; Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary/Mom's 70th Birthday Dinner Party May 31; Critter's Graduation Party June 7 and Timothy's (first) summer sleepover June 14.
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