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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Audi gotz free wifi!
I'm finally getting Flar's oil changed. He wanted me to get it done while he was in surgery two weeks ago. Um, no. And, not the next day, the time to which I postponed it -- I got to be on 24 hour post-surgery watch instead.

Anyway, it's a comfy waiting room, with free wifi and free drinks. What more could a girl ask for?

Now to sifting through the stuff I brought, and messing with reports and such. Working on getting to my number for i².

I stayed home last night and the night before, to take advantage of having no work, and spend some quality family time together. Last night, we surfed through summer camps in France that made Flar and I drool, but didn't interest Tigger. And he's come up with such a sweet reason to stay home: he wants to spend this last summer taking the opportunity to bug his big brother before he goes away to college.

We did some calendar planning.

Upcoming events, in detail or in brief:

May 1: Flar begins PD with the Cycler; Calling Party at Quest that evening

May 3-4: i² Commitment weekend at Quest

May 10-11: First i² offering

May 16: Flar and my 27th wedding anniversary

May 23-26: First annual AWP: Anybody Wanna Potluck, the party formerly known as PWP: Poly Wanna Potluck

May 27: Mom's 70th Birthday

May 30: Mom and Dad arrive SDF 12:40pm EDT; Tigger is honored at WKU at 2pm CDT for his ACT scores

May 31: Mom & Dad's 50th wedding anniversary; formal dinner being planned

June 6: Critter's High School Graduation

June 7: party being planned

June 8: Mom & Dad flying back to Texas

July 11: Flar flying to Brazil to visit Gaucha

June 21: Tigger's first Summer Sleepover begin planned

July 19-21: Mom & Dad flying to Louisville for an International Gideons Convention, staying with us before convention

July 22: Earliest date for Flar to return from Brazil with Gaucha in tow

July 28: Mom & Dad flying back to Texas

August 13: Flar, Gaucha, Critter, Tigger & I all drive to Atlanta in van packed with Critter's school belongings, to drop Gaucha off at airport and stay overnight in Atlanta

August 14: The four of us take the Crescent to New Orleans and stay overnight

August 15: The four of us take the Sunset Limited to Houston; Mom picks us up at the station in a borrowed Suburban, and we stay over two nights. (Limited refers the weekdays it runs, I imagine; the Limited hits NOL and HOU on MWF)

August 17: The five of us drive to Rice, help Critter carrying in bunches of belongings; Flar and I attend a parent meeting; then Mom, Flar, Tigger and I drive back to San Antonio to see Daddy before we fly home the next day.

(Plan B involves a longer drive - to Chicago - an overnight on the Texas Eagle - to San Antonio - and a roundtrip drive on Sunday to Houston and back. Various factors, including the possible need for manual PD therefore private toilet facilities on the train, along with higher room fares on the Texas Eagle, makes the comparison almost a wash, and dependent on the air arrangements that Flar can make.)

Right now, the only reservations made are Mom and Dad's air travel; the rest of the planning was just dates and info gathering.

Today, I've got miscellaneous number crunching to do, and the Mat tonight. We're supposed to get a delivery of bunches of boxes today, and I'll get to move them into place if the driver doesn't do it for us. Flar's not allowed to lift stuff. Nothing on tap for tomorrow, so I'm hoping to tackle the front hall. And maybe do some filing or sort books-to-keep from books-to-sell.

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Have you figured out if you can make it to lunch on Sunday?

I got a clear yes today, on trading times to work on Sunday, so I should be able to be there on time at 1pm.

I'm looking forward to meeting y'all!

I'm just asking cuz I'm curious...what would be the format of the AWP as opposed to the PWP?

No particular difference really. We've rarely had any organized poly-specific activities. Once, we aired a movie that Jasmine brought, that was sort of a poly documentary. Mom *was* going to be here, until we counted up weekends, and figured out that it was too long for Daddy to be here.

We're a kind of a poly-hybrid couple at this point, with me being in a marriage-level relationship only with Flar, and my relationships being dear friendships, but Flar still being in a marriage-level relationship with Gaucha.

I'm trying to take the emphasis away from poly in the party, although realistically, most of the people who attend every year are poly. But hey, relationship-style is not really a definition of person, and the party is truly for our friends (current, and potential) when it comes down to it.

Does that make sense?

*nods* Was just wondering. :)

holy smokes girl, you be biiiiizzzzeeeee

sounds like tons of fun though!

27 years? Good for you!

ok... do tell where did ya score the free wifi and beverages... I need an oil change!

Yep, busy is a word for it. We haven't planned out a trip to DC or Boston or Philly yet, either.

Thanks. We've had a pretty unusual marriage as they go. We're in an improving state at this point, I'd say.

Flar drives an Audi, and when he tried to get his oil changed elsewhere, they didn't have the right parts, so he gets it changed at the dealership. It's a pleasant errand to run for him, I must say.

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