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I'm getting sleepy, just sitting down long enough to write an entry.

Working backwards... Today I drove Tigger to school, with Flar riding along. We stopped at Spalding's on the way to the dialysis center. We ate our donut apiece (all we got) before going into the center. Flar's doctor doesn't want him to do manual exchanges while we wait for the cycler to come, in order to give his catheter exit site more time to heal. We sat through a checklist of training topics, learned how to shoot up the dianeal bags with drugs (in case of peritonitis), and took an easy quiz to make sure we'd learned the important points. We passed with flying colors, and did a lot of giggling together while we took the test. We came home with goodies, detailed below.

Last night, I trained on a new management software for imaging scanning. It seems simple enough, although we don't have a directory structure set in stone yet. Double key verification directly follows indexing for affected fields, which took a little bit of getting used to, but I suspect it is overall faster. On the down side, image processing will no longer be part of my regular duties, so no more quiet study time "on the clock." That is, once all the projects are switched to the new system.

I managed to run out of new material on my shuffle, so I need to reload it today. Gonna autofill out of Questcasts for awhile.

Yesterday, Flar and I spent most of the day at the dialysis center. He did four exchanges, got rid of 700 ml extra fluid, and we both learned the methodology. We ate lunch outside at Tropikal, a place that serves Colombian food, then we got two hours with the dietician, who answered all our questions, told us complicated information about potassium, phosphorus and calcium, and how they interact with the body. We came home with lots of goodies. Together with today's haul, we now have: an IV stand, a spring scale reading in ML and Newtons, a new bathroom scale, a new blood pressure monitor, a new fever thermometer, four cookbooks and a sheaf of suggested menus, one box of dialysate, an empty sharps container, two sizes of hypodermic needles, a bottle of heparin, Triadine povidone-iodine wipes, a large laminated procedure step list for manual exchanges, a bag of cycler tubing to play with distances in the bedroom, a urine collection jug, a rubbermaid bin to hold all the miscellanea, a box of tape, a stick of gauze sponges, and a box of masks. I may have left something out.

Monday, I stripped the bed, did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen counters, deposited a check for Flar, bought new laptop memory for Tigger (belated bday prezzie), bought a 36 handle-jug style water bottle (on sale for Earth day), a replacement fitted sheet for one that's worn out on our bed, magnetic hooks and a bag of BBQ popcorn (that Flar turns out to be the only one to like); then I picked up TIgger and took him to TLS for math tutoring.

I worked Monday night and Tuesday night, and I'm going in for additional training this afternoon, then working after church tonight. I hope to get some extra napping in tomorrow -- I just read and wrote through my available napping window today.
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