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A long weekend

.. that started Friday night.

I didn't drive Critter to Cincy - he drove himself; arrived safely.

I was home with Flar. Earlier in the evening, when I was changing his dressings, I nicked his catheter with the scissors I was using to get rid of the gauze and tape. Quiet panic ensued. We wrapped the tube with sterile gauze and tape, and clamped off both sides of the nick with bread clips, while we waited for a call-back from his surgeon. He recommended we replace the bread clips with hemostats, but that we could wait until the morning to meeting him at the ER at St. Joe.

That set me on a difficult but important scavenger hunt. I'm pretty sure I have a hemostat somewhere in the house. I didn't even try for that -- I haven't dug into my craft supplies yet. Grogan's was closed. CVS, Walgreen's and Wal-Mart don't carry hemostats. All the nurses I called rolled over to voice mail, and I know a few. I found B, who was playing darts downtown. She had one, and would be home around 10:30. I called D, who was eating Passover Seder with his mother, but he would be home at 10 and he had two. Ch checked in with me, as I wasn't at No Stones, and I asked her to ask A if she had any. Eventually N called me back - Ch hadn't understood what I was asking, and when she repeated what I said, A said she had some. She said she would go home and get one, and meet me at the McD's. Critter drove me. He bought me food and made me eat while we waited. When A arrived, she prayed with me.

Flar and I changed out the hemostat for the skinward bread clip, then bandaged him all up. By the time we were done, he looked like a bad special effects "operation gone wrong." I put in Oceans 11, 12 & 13 for him, fixed him dinner and lemon kool-aid, called a fraction of the people I had worried about us, and went to bed. Flar sat up in his recliner all night. He only watched one of the movies, then dozed off and on after that.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, Critter gave Flar airhugs (so it was before the bandaging was complete), and drove up to Cincy. Tigger was on phone duty, in order to give Critter directions over the phone as he got into the city. Critter called once to ask I-71 vs I-75, and then he texted us at 1am and 3:30am, when he arrived and left the station in Cincinnati.

We got to St. Joe at 8 in the morning, and we left at 1pm. The ER staff was friendly and efficient about getting us checked in and back to an exam room. Our doctor arrived shortly after we did, but as he was on-call Saturday, he had to treat some patients who were more critical than Flar before he could see us. He unwrapped the coverings and when he examined the tubing, he couldn't find the nick. Flar and I had both seen bubbles of liquid however, so he determined the safest course was to re-terminate the catheter at the point where we'd clamped it with the hemostat. He put a new fitting on, put a shot of heparin in to prevent proteins from sticking to it, and prescribed Flar a course of antibiotics, just in case.

We picked up KFC and meds on the way home, and after lunch Flar napped for most of the rest of the day. Meanwhile, I started in on the jacuzzi room cleaning, then drove Tigger to his sleepover. I spent the rest of the day talking to some people on the phone, and cleaning out old boxes. I have piles of fabric and some yard sale items in the front hall now, including two footlockers to use for storing yard sale stuff. I toted out three boxes of trash, and I found some fun memories to distribute around the family, like old chore charts. I also swept and scrubbed, and washed three loads of work towels and dog towels. By the end of the day, I'd cleared the space to store 48 boxes of dialysate, and rearranged the laundry room just a little to accommodate the coming wall of supplies.

Sunday, I attended service and worked with the twos. After church, I picked up Tigger and chinese takeout. Tigger and Flar napped while I worked on the rest of the jacuzzi room. I cleared off the jacuzzi, folded a whole bunch of laundry, and put away odds and ends that were cluttering it up. The room is looking good. I've got a job ahead of me, finishing off the sewing table and the folding table, but I'm pushing through and I'm excited about what the room will be when we're done. In the evening, we went to see the Jackie Chan/Jet Li movie at the Movie Tavern. Flar enjoyed his first real shower since the PD catheter was inserted, and he watched Oceans 13 as I drifted to sleep.

This morning, Flar drove Tigger to school, and let me sleep in. I'm running laundry today, and reorganizing the bathroom cabinets. I appear to have a serious case of spring fever at last. ;)
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