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Still in the 'ville; Design Contest

We're back in Louisville again. Flar took a look at the current building site (locals can drive up to Eastpoint office park and look for Ikon construction signs) and talked to the site supervisor before we drove to the office, then I napped in the car until it was time to take him to his morning meeting, then napped during the meeting. I'm going to be driving to Cincy and back late tonight, so Flar asked me to get extra sleep.

We slept through the earthquake this morning (at 5:40am EST), but we felt the aftershock during Flar's meeting. The quake was a 5.2, and the aftershock was 4 something. Shake, rattle and roll.

Yesterday afternoon, I created a design for the new Kroger reusable shopping bags. I made a background using the picture in this icon, which is a photo of a twinned daisy that Ro bought me a year or more ago. Come check it out, and vote for me! If I win, they may use this design for their next season of reusable bags. If you like it, you can vote once a day, through the 23rd of May. :)

Critter is leaving late tonight, to ride Amtrak from Cincy to San Antonio, via Chicago. He's got spending money from Granmommy and he's picked out a pizza restaurant within walking distance of Union Station. Mom will drive him from San Antonio to Houston, for 2 days at Rice University, called Owl Days, for students entering this fall. He'll get to stay overnight in one of the residential colleges and sit in on classes. Mom will attend the program for parents. Critter got a board-approved permission slip from his principal to skip classes for the whole week, and he's got plenty of work assigned from all his teachers, to keep him busy on the train.

Flar has expanded the scope of my cleaning project tomorrow, but it actually makes the job more logical. I'm also going to be cleaning out the corner of the laundry room between the sink and the ramp. That will yield a couple of footlockers that I can use to store yard sale goods, since I'm not planning on keeping the footlockers.

I'm looking forward to digging into it tomorrow. I'm also anticipating falling over exhausted relatively early tomorrow night, and getting a great night of sleep. :) Tigger has a sleepover tomorrow, so he'll be missing all the fun. ;)

Meanwhile, I'm on-line until we skip town again. After that, I have the Mat, and the drive back and forth to Cincy.
One of the perks of driving Flar to Louisville (besides the quiet office space, and the luxury car), is getting to go out to lunch with Flar. Yesterday, we ate at a cajun restaurant in 4th Street Live, and today we ate at a Kobe steakhouse across 2nd street bridge. Teh Yumm.
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