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Oh yeah, life not related to Ouchy

My last regular update was Monday morning.

My how time flies, when you're avoiding an unpleasant task, and then dealing with a crisis.

I succeeded in putting off paying bills until Wednesday night/Thursday afternoon. Which was probably best, since as I was delaying, Flar was deposting dribbles of cash into the account. By the time I printed checks on Thursday, there I could pay bunches of them. And there should be more money coming in by next week.

Unlike the last time I was avoiding bills, I was still keeping them top priority, so I was still letting the kitchen slip slowly into condemnation (if the health inspectors had authority over private residences, I shudder to think) and accumulating dust sperm whales in the dining room. On the bright side, I've a lovely database with 30 records for the chess club, to which I can add some new members that we collected today. And I watched Buffy and Angel on Wednesday. And I've made marvelous progress on Bébé's sweater -- I'm working on the second sleeve now. And I've done the week's laundry. And I've made a stab at deciding what to pack for Hedonism.

Today, with the bills behind me, I chose to tackle the floors. When I vacuum, I also dust whatever is stable enough to be dusted with that attachment for the vacuum. Which means that vacuuming our bedroom made a marked improvement in its appearance. Since I was dusting the mantel, I also wound the clock. Vacuuming the bathroom meant cleaning up the pile of reading material and empty toilet paper tubes that had collected in the bidet, and cleaning the bathroom rugs.

But the major achievement was the jacuzzi room, since there was quite a bit covering the floor in there that had to be cleaned up before I could vacuum. I ended up vacuuming the kitchen after I got home from chess club.

Given the week, I've lots of excuses for forgetting until last minute that I hadn't made arrangements to get Tigger to his sleepover tonight. As it turns out, it was lucky that Knight could take him, since his friend A hitched a ride with them to the party.

Chess club was a zoo tonight. I arrived late, took too long to check kids in, and had barely started checking newly handed-in materials against my master sheet before kids were already starting to leave. Ack! Next week, I swear to be more organized. And hey -- I've more incentive: I need to be out of there by 5, so Flar and I can catch our flight.

Next week, I bring a spare pen to loan for requests: I was without my pen when I needed it during the crush of students leaving.

After vacuuming the kitchen, I made yummy beef stroganoff. I added a bit too much milk to it, but I enjoyed sopping up the extra sauce with wheatberry bread, and Flar and Critter both like theirs, so it was all good. Tonight we watched "Showtime" with Robert deNiro, Eddie Murphy, Rene Russo and William Shatner. It was fun. Very funny.

And now all the muscles in my body are stiff from all that vacuuming, so I'm going to bed early. Flood sheds a lot, and her hairs stick to the throw carpets like velcro. Which means more upper arm work. Makes the wimpy 5 pushups I did pale in comparison. Even though I was counting it all against not climbing stairs. I'd say I got the aerobic benefit *and* some toning.

Tomorrow: picking up Tigger at goshawful early in the morning to drive from Versailles to Eastland Lanes, for him to bowl. Then a short list at Sam's, and home to pick up Critter (maybe we'll all go?) and go get Ouchy. (Yay!) After that, measuring Critter and Tigger, and going to Walmart for cloth (for the coke can) and a balloon (for the ball of string). If Walmart doesn't have the right size balloon, I'm hoping that the party supply behind it will.

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