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A little bit less weight and little bit of an update.

I'm down to 220, as of this morning on the scale. That's a 10 pound loss since the beginning of the year, so yay!

I've got a nifty weight-ticker here, but for some reason I can't successfully hot-link to it.

I officially give up on reading Every Single Entry in my friends list. I'm now reading backwards from whenever I have the time, and I have a couple of journals set up to notify me of new entries. When that's working.

Flar is doing well. His incisions look good, and we get to play doctor (including masks and gloves) when I changed his dressings. His doctor prescribed Lortab for the pain, which is keeping him comfortable, and sleepier than usual. He started out on one tab per three hours, and has dropped down to every four hours. He's been walking around the house, sitting in the family room and the recliner in our bedroom, and today he's graduated back to bed -- getting out of bed was hard enough that he avoided it for the first few days.

For the last two weekends, I made cookies on Sunday. Flar has now declared Sundays to be Cookie day. (And yes, I've been eating some of the cookies, and still losing weight.)

Critter went to Thunder Over Louisville with Agtiger and his daughter yesterday. It was great to see Agtiger again - it's been a few years. I'd never met his daughter before, although I believe she spent three or four days of her gestation here.

Speaking of which, it's getting to be about that time, to put up invitations to this year's potluck. The party previously known as the PWP will be henceforth called the AWP, for Anybody Wanna Potluck, as we both widen the invitation target, and take the primary focus away from specifically polyamory. Look for more info Real Soon Now.

But it is high time for me to be making with the cookie making. I've decided to make extruded butter cookies today, so I get to play with a gadget.
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