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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Minor Update
"Finishing Up and Doing Fine" from the desk attendant in the waiting room.
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that's good news, now it is just a boring wait, which of course is a great outcome in a hospital.

Yep. And hey, I find I'm finally hungry. :)

since I caught them both at the same time. I'm glad the wait wasn't *too* long, although time always drags in hospitals. When do you get training on which buttons to push?
I'm **really** hoping that a donor is found very soon, and that a successful transplant can make a huge difference, here.

Good luck to you all!

Re: replying to this one

Wifi was nice. Mind you, I probably have over 700 old entries saved to read for just such an occasion, not to mention NY Times crosswords, other puzzles, and devotions.

Flar has an appt. a week from Monday for follow-up. He's not to drive until then, and expects to be released to drive, and set up for dialysis training. Which means Critter gets to go to Houston for Owl Days without me that week, a contingency for which we were ready.

Flar wants Gaucha to come up for Critter's graduation and stay for a month. (Okay, he wanted all summer, and I'm holding out for no longer than a month.) Mom is alternating between praying that God will put obstacles in her way, and praying that she'll come, and then change her mind about donating.

Have I mentioned that Guacha is a perfect match? But that she's afraid to undergo the surgery?

Edited at 2008-04-11 01:10 am (UTC)

you hadn't mentioned it to me, anyway...wow. I can imagine that giving up one kidney would be scary, but I'd certainly do it for Mick. That's an interesting situation.
Will her son be coming up, too?

Flar didn't mention Playuh. He's attending college now, so he may be in class during time in question.

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