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Another Ouchy Update

I talked to the vet, Dr. B, this afternoon.

She was able to sedate Ouchy today to examine her more carefully. She doesn't think that Ouchy will need orthopedic surgery on her jaw. She was able to suture Ouchy's lip back together; it was torn where it met up with her upper gum. While Ouchy was asleep, Dr. B found out that Ouchy's right hip was out of the socket. She put it back, and then put her in a sling that will immobilize that leg until the joint is healed. She also brushed out, cut out, and shaved out the stickerburrs that were all over her. (While she was waiting for x-rays to come back; see, they can get better x-rays with the animal is sedated.)

We're going to be able to take her home tomorrow. She'll have to be taken care of separately from Flood and Ouchy, to keep her calmer. We've decided that she can stay in Critter's room when he's home, and the rest of the time she can stay in the guest bathroom, downstairs. (That is, when she's not in Flar's or my lap, getting special attention. )

She'll have to eat soft food, and keep the sling on for at least two weeks. She'll also have to take antibiotics for 10 days, to prevent/kill any infection that she might have picked up via the tear in her mouth.

That's about it.

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