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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Waiting Is
The surgery waiting room at St. Joe has wifi, so I'll update a bit while I wait.

Flar is currently in surgery, to install (What is the surgical term for install? I mean, that can't be right, can it?) a Tenckhoff catheter, the port that he will use for peritoneal dialysis.

We arrived at the hospital at 10am for him to be admitted, then I waited in the Pre-Op waiting area while he undressed, put on a nifty paper robe that's part of a fancy warming system (Bair Paws or some such, that didn't have a working unit in his stall, sigh), and surgical booties. They gave him a heated blanket to make up for the missing heating unit. They taped his wedding band (which hasn't been off his finger since *he* squished it past the last knuckle on our wedding day), and let him wait until right before surgery to put on the food service style paper hat. He met his nurses and his anesthesiologist, and he signed bunches of forms. They started an IV before he signed stuff, so he got to sign with his left hand.

Then they buzzed my coaster-pager, and led me back to his pre-op stall. I got custody of his meds, clothes, jewelry and iPod. While we waited together, they put on his circulation pump leg-cuffs, took his BP, which was high earlier, but had come back down, and gave him a mild tranquilizer. (He tried to get them to offer it to me. ;) He told me the anesthesia promised him a "Three Bears" amount of drugs - not too much, not too little, just right to knock him out. By noon, he was starting to feel hungry. He wasn't supposed to eat or drink after midnight, but he didn't have anything to snack on after dinner at 8pm last night. Silly Rabbit.

They wheeled him into surgery, and pointed the way for me to head to the surgical waiting room. I checked in at the desk, and then they came to let me know when surgery started. The surgeon will come talk to me when he's done, and then they'll come get me after Flar is out of recovery.

Meanwhile, I've reading material, my laptop, the internet, and puzzle books. Enough to occupy me after surgery, as the surgeon suggested we would be here up to 6 hours after recovery.
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I'm thinking about you both....


Hopefully its nothing more than a long boring day. This all sounds very routine thankfully. Positive energy going out to both of you.

Thank you.

This is a routine surgery, and he has done fine so far. I've lots to entertain me here.

The waiting is the worst part isn't it? Hang in there.

I'm pretty good at this kind of waiting.

(I'm awful at waiting to buy something, but that's another story.)

Thank you.

Sending lots of good thoughts out for Flar and soothing ones for you!


(Insert's the word for what they do with a catheter.)

Thank you.

Really? Even when it's surgical, instead of just an IV or an epidural? Good to know. :)

Yep. When they do surgery for a severely fractured femur, for example, they "insert" a metal rod to align the bone pieces. When they put in a joint replacement, however, they "implant," as it's meant to be a permanent part of the bone they've placed it in.

Ooh, thank you ! I prefer being able to use proper terminology when I know it. :)

I prefer being able to use proper terminology when I know it. :)

Which I thought was the case- especially since it really sounded like you were curious to know the term- and I thank you for not thinking I'm an annoying PIB for sharing it with you. People sometimes pose questions that aren't fully rhetorical, and sometimes when I answer them, they didn't really care, they were just "thinking." That's a hard thing for me to ignore, as I like to share information when I have it.


Best of thoughts to both of you.

Thank you. I told him that lots of people would be thinking about him and praying for him today, and he teased that I might as just put out a personal ad. ;)

Many hugs and much love to both of you, darlin'

Oh, no! I must have missed something. What is going on? Why the need for dialysis?

I can only imagine how stressful this must me for you. *HUGS* I'm sending all the healing and quick recovery vibes I've got!

Just saw this post and the next one that he's doing well in recovery, so I'm assuming everything went well. Here's hoping that he's not in too much discomfort from the surgery.

How long after the insertion does he start doing the dialysis?

I wonder if my mom is taking care of him?

mmm. I'm not sure I've written this up in my journal. I'm about to post about him being settled at home, and details about what comes next, so I'll just write up the whole thing.

The short version is that Flar is a CKD patient due to polycystic kidneys, and has been on the donor list for about a year now. His kidney function is down below 10% now, which means time for dialysis. He's opted for peritoneal, which is done at home, overnight. The surgery today was to insert the catheter used in the process.

Thanks for you good wishes. All went very well, and he is expected to heal quickly.

I'm awful at remembering names. For post-op, his nurses were Diane (as she introduced herself, Diana on her badge), Mimi and Joy. I don't remember the names of the nurses in pre-op, or the surgical nurses, although they did all introduce themselves to me.

Oh, I was really pleased to get an answer to my question. Thanks!!

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