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Thank you, thank you!

I don't know whom I'm thanking, but thank you, thank you!

I received an anonymous virtual gift yesterday, with the message to "Keep on Writing."

This comes in the wake of being eliminated by the Gatekeepers in round 20 of LJ Idol. While I am well pleased by my entry, I'm happy to agree that the remaining competitors are all very talented writers.

I'm continuing to follow the competition, and will be writing for the home game, as time permits.

I have to say that the timing of my elimination is apt. I'm on vacation this week, and not making much progress on catching up with my friends list, much less writing. Once I return home, I anticipate Flar undergoing outpatient surgery, me helping him with aftercare, and then both of us going through peritoneal dialysis training. I'm likely to be busy enough that I'd have trouble meeting deadlines.

I've learned from my participation in the competition, and I plan to participate in the future. I also expect to write more thoughtful essays in my journal without the prompting of LJ Idol topics. Scattered like rare jewels in a field of everyday bibble, but precious nonetheless.

The boys and I are in Troy, AL, enjoying the "high speed" internet access offered by the Comfort Inn. (Some high speed access is higher than others.) Mom will be picking us up later today to take us to Gem's 100 acre cattle ranch, where we'll spend time with new family. My brother married Doll three years ago, but we met her for the first time last spring. She was in the US for the first time, and Mom drove her up for a visit (while Bro stayed in TX for a gaming convention, if I remember correctly). She picked up Gem and Button on the way up, so we got to meet them, too. This year, we got to meet Gem's husband, and today we get to see the ranch. Button is almost 4 now, and still the cutest being in any room.

Back to reading through my flist...
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