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highly abbreviated update

I just caught up in my flist to Friday, when I posted the poll asking for Open Topic ideas. I've picked mine, and it will incorporate some of the requests. Writing it helped calm me today.

Friday - Life Group, vegging online instead of napping, The Mat
Of note: for 90 days, no computer after 9pm without direct supervision by Flar, will help with triggers by getting more sleep, will help with intimacy by taking away an avoidance activity.

Saturday - cleaned the kitchen, washed dishes, made cupcakes & boiled eggs; 4pm service; Chinese Takeout; 7pm Livecast with the whole family; frosted the cupcakes and deviled the eggs.

Sunday - took care of 12, then 11 two years olds during two services; prepared Easter dinner: Glazed Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Glazed Green Beans, with deviled eggs for app. and cupcakes for desert. Scarlett brought fruit salad.; [re]watched John Adams with in-laws, sang Happy Birthday to Bébé

Monday - drove Flar to Louisville - no wifi, didn't have an ethernet cable, bad cell signal: no-internet day, wherein I read some saved flist, sorted mail, made lists, burned a bunch of CDs; drove home, ate dinner; worked 4 hours.

Today was a medical day. Flar drove Tigger to school, but I drove him to the medical offices. His foot was still bound up in a zinc bandage to help the gout, and if I drove he didn't have to hike into the office from the parking lot. First stop: nephrologist. Flar's kidney function is under 10 percent now. His doctor recommended firmly against the upcoming trip to Brazil, prescribed a potassium-lowering drug, re-emphasized the low-potassium diet, and order stat blood work. Next stop, the pharmacy, next door to the lab, then up to the foot doctor. I got Critter to pick up Tigger and take him to Tutoring Club, and started writing out my journal entry longhand.

Flar's toe is great, his gout is still in his heel (but not the rest of the foot), and he's down to a regular band-aid that fits under a sock. Three more days of the gout medicine, and his foot will be fine.

Flar has an appointment (the Dr. wanted next week, the surgeon is taking off for Spring Break, so it's after that) with a surgery to arrange for a catheter to be placed in his abdomen for peritoneal dialysis. After that heals, we'll be trained in the procedure, which will be an every-night, 8 hour, deal.

His blood work came back before we left the building. Potassium is higher than Thursday, as is Creatinine. Brazil trip is off.

Meanwhile, I fought off a cold all through Easter, took a nighttime cough formula last night to help me sleep and woke up feeling majorly drugged. I spent the morning, before we left for the doctor's office, napping.

The boys and I are driving to Troy, AL for Spring Break. We're leaving here Saturday and returning on Friday. I made a reservation at a Comfort Inn, which has free internet, so I hope to catch up with my flist then.

Oh, and I'm working again tonight. Leaving after Ro and Knight come over for a chat.
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