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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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Special favor
I just ran the numbers, and it looks like roina_arwen is tied for the highest elimination spot! If you were planning to vote for Ro, and you haven't voted yet, or you wouldn't ordinarily vote, but you'd like to help out a friend, would you please go vote for Ro!!!

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*already voted for her*..

I really liked her entry...

Me too. I loved her intro, and then the writeup was great, too.

Thanks, Mini. Because of that, I got voted out. :^(

Sorry about that. I didn't ask her to post a note for me, but obviously I'm glad she did. I don't know how close the votes were, but SirCaliban had fewer votes than me, so he may have been the next to go, I don't know.

*shrugs* Actually, now that I saw what Gary has up his sleevies... I'm completely happy with going home. *g* Have fun! *snickers*

Oh, don't I know it! If I make it through week 20, I'll be shocked!!

Sorry. She's my best girl-friend; a girl's gotta do what she thinks is right.

I voted for her- I LOVED the wildcat thing. :)

*grins* Thanks for sharing! I thought I was pretty cool with the growling and imitating housecats... But you've got me beat.

If that's your cat in the icon, he looks a lot like one of my cats, Malcolm. :) The pics in this icon were taken about a year ago - he's much pudgier now!

Yeah, that's our Leo... aka Pan Cat (he sleeps in the pictures cake pan, we don't know why). He's actually not gained much weight- sleek and trim makes it easier to leap 6 ft in the air to catch milk jug rings... *laughs* Leo is my hubby's cat, my cat- Sasha is the one in this icon.

Your kitties are cute!

Oh man, and here I had an image of Pan Cat playing pipes. :)

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