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What a week!

Tigger's birthday was lots of fun, stretching across a very busy week.

Tuesday, we had dinner at Joe B's. Flar and TIgger shared one pizza, Critter ate another, and I had Cannelloni. Tigger and I had come from his therapist, and Flar and Critter had come from home. I got Critter to drive Tigger home, so I could ride in Flar's car. Yay for luxury cars. I got a chance to talk quietly with Flar about some of the stuff we've been covering in No Stones, and received a real gift of hope.

Wednesday night, I worked in KidCare for an i² gathering. Tigger came with me to church, since he had missed tutoring during the snow, and would be missing the next Saturday for his sleepover. His math tutor attend Quest as well, so he was going to tutor him after helping to get the older kiddies settled down with a movie. Tigger did homework during the service, then played with the two and three year olds with me, until G came and found him. After they were done, it was so much fun to hear a teacher who had worked with my child at night. He's 100% more focussed, more attentive, more awake! Poor TIgger has at minimum another five years in the day-walkers' world, and possibly longer -- I expect the Cordon Bleu doesn't do night classes in Paris, but you never know.

Thursday, I got my entry posted for Live Journal, worked on some admin stuff, and ran around with Tigger. I ended up with more slack in my day, which is good, since I made the mistake of sitting down to post my entry after a big helping of sweet cereal for breakfast. And napped the rest of the morning away. Note to self: sugar mornings are really only suited for physically active mornings with an early lunch ahead. Critter left from school on Thursday afternoon to go to Bowling Green for the State KHSSL tournament.

Friday, Tigger didn't have school, and his sleepover was scheduled to start at five. Flar was having a toenail removed that day, so Knight was kind enough to come over and be a responsible adult to greet arriving guests. Flar and I got home around 6, and then I left around 7:30 for the Mat. When I got back, there were still no additional kids in the house. This was the first party for which Tigger was handling the invitations. He never gave me a list of people to invite, and he said that he talked to them all at school -- and called the others. New at this game, he didn't include "please let me know if you can come" in these talks.

Saturday morning, I helped V and S create a railroad crossing post for the KidsQuest Jr downstairs hallway. I haven't taken pictures yet, but it turned out great. When I got home, Tigger was moping around, guestless. I talked over how he had "invited" people, and then called people for him. In the end, there were four boys for the party, one of whom didn't stay overnight. During the party, I baked two cakes and cleaned the kitchen. Pictures to follow when I upload them.

Sunday, I attended worship in V2, then worked with FOURTEEN two year olds in KQJr. There were four of us to 14 of them, and amazing few melt-downs. The amazing times were when we had 12 out of 14 of them paying sitting all around the table, making a craft and then later, eating snack. Wow. After church, I met Critter, Flar and Tigger at Knight and Ro's, for Knight's 42nd birthday movie party. We watched The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain and [of course] The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.. The cake was yummy, and we left all the leftovers with Ro and Knight, since we had leftovers enough at home. Ro had lots of yummy goodies for us to snack on during the movie, and rich ice cream to go with the cake. Thunder and Ravyn and Ang3la and Myrhh were there, too.

Today was the deadline for LJ Idol voting, and this week's race was darned close. My team was hovering over, or in, the last two for much of the weekend. A little after 1, when I checked for results, it looked like we were out. Then when I was checking on the other team names to email Ro, I saw that Gary had changed the results to only eliminate one team for some technical error. So it looks like I'm in the competition at least another week. :)

Flar's toenail removal went well. He didn't start feeling it until we got home. Then he was able to prop up his foot and take one of his pain pills. We waited until Saturday morning to change the bandages for the first time, and then I helped him with it a few more times over the weekend. Unwrap, soak, dry, rewrap. He seems to be doing well. He showered for the first time this morning, and his toe is definitely less tender than it had been at first. Unfortunately, he has a chronic problem with his achilles tendon, that flared up from the inactivity. Poor dear; it will be at least two weeks more before he is up to snuff again.

That about covers it.
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