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Happy Birthday to Tigger!!!

He doesn't read my journal, but I'm writing about nifty birthday-ness already passed, and birthday-ness to come.

We started out this morning with pancakes and singing Happy Birthday in the kitchen, although he doesn't technically finish out his 14th year until 5:17PM EDT. (He was born in EST of course, back before we jumpstarted it. ;) I remember the time of this birthday because it was 16,17. Critter was born at 12:08, impossible to forget for those of us who lived through the birthday of digital timepieces.

Anyway, I rode to school with Tigger and Flar this morning, for a meeting with the Middle School Director. She was all smiles and optimism this morning. Tigger was peppy and perky all day yesterday (coming in with all work completed, after a snowy weekend, why wouldn't he?), and he has raised his grades in most of his classes (but dropped his math grade, sigh. She will be sending home with TIgger the enrollment contract for next year. Yay! (He was NOT looking forward to changing schools AGAIN.) He will have to have French tutoring over the summer, but I think he will understand the logic of that. In other academic news, Tigger scored a 20 on the ACT. Not too shabby for a 7th-grader recovering from the flu on the day of the test.

Then I packed up and left for the day. First, I helped tear down the tree decorating the pole in the KQJr hallway, and cover it with black cloth. We're decorating with a train theme this time around, and the pole will be a RR Crossing sign. I'm making the sign and flashy lights and today volunteered to make engineer "hats" (I'm thinking visors), and we're finishing up on Friday.

Next, I picked up Mario Brawl for Tigger, pre-ordered Mario Kart for him, and bought him 2000 Wii points. The gift card is wrap-able, you understand. ;) Tigger had put the receipt for Brawl in the car, but I couldn't find it. So I called home, where Flar is working today, and he called back with good news and bad news. He found the envelope, but it was empty. I told him this was good news, good news, 'cause I was looking for a bright orange envelope containing the receipt. I found it right away once I knew what I was looking for.

After that, I found some re-supplies at Bed, Bath and Beyond that are somewhat Tigger specific: sea salt for the salt grinder, and refill bags for his Jumbo Umbra trash can. Then I walked over to Best Buy to find out from the Geek Squad that Presario V5000 is not specific enough to tell me what kind of RAM to buy for his laptop. I'll GC it into his card.

Now I've finished my Panera lunch, read through email, and it's time to pick Tigger up from school. He's got an appt. with his therapist this pm, then we're meeting at Joe B's for dinner, his choice. There's Sam's and Kroger shopping available, and I've No Stones homework for offline time during his appt.

later dayz,
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