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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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The Weekend Winds of Whimsy
The LJ Idol Poll is open, and this week it's open to all members of Live Journal.

The topic this week was The Funniest Thing or Open Topic, and we are still competing as teams of two. Last week, my partner, roina_arwen, and I wrote nicely complementing companion pieces. This week, our partnership really meant a lot to me, as she suggested my topic for me, and then did valuable editing work in helping me pull my piece together.

Please go read my entry, and Ro's. Then go to the poll and read all the rest of the entries that are linked there, because there's some really good material out there.

And please, Vote! The four members of the two lowest scoring teams will be eliminated this week. It's really getting harder and harder to say goodbye to folks, as the writing just keeps getting better and better.

LJ Idol Voting Banner

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This is the first week I've been on LJ in time to vote for Idol!

Yay! Vote for us, and vote for Angstzeit! His partner is in Asia, and couldn't get her entry uploaded in time this week. He needs all the votes he can get!

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