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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Busy Day
Cause, if I just finished reading Tuesday, I KNOW I'll be behind on LJ until Saturday. :)

Yesterday, I was a tad sleepy after breakfast, so I lay down for a short nap. And woke up after NOON!! I didn't get any chores done, but I did print nine checks and mail out eight bills. (One check is waiting for the bill, but I prefer to print full sheets of checks.)

Once I got out of the house, I deposited money for Tigger (who is finally starting to take advantage of our savings matching program), dropped off rugs to be cleaned, dropped off laundry to be cleaned, and then headed to church. A, L & S were there, hanging new art in the Ball Diamond. The art was all up by the time I got there, so I was assigned putty duty. After I filled and smoothed all the old holes, S handed me the glass cleaner and paper towels. I set to work, cleaning all the finger prints and sticker smudges off the glass. Meanwhile, S had been leveling all the pictures and puttying the frames to the walls so they'd stay put.

We finished at 3, and S helped me carry out my nifty keen new art. (I haven't taken pics, yet.) Of the art that I especially liked, Flar picked out Unity, a two canvas abstract work. We're still debating where to hang it.

I had my car in station wagon mode to accommodate the canvases. Unfortunately, that meant spending the rest of the afternoon a little cramped for space, since I didn't want to use the space above the canvases, and there was only a tad beside them. I picked up Tigger, then we mailed bills at the post office, deposited a check for Erosul, stopped at Burger King for snacks, and picked Diet A&W on the way home.

Last night at Celebration, we got to meet (and pray for) the Core Team, the Management Team and the Elders of Quest. Then we got to see Dave Griffith announced as the new Connections Pastor. Then we had the Lord's Supper. Lots of worship music, lots of emotion. I hung around a bit after to connect with people, and I bought myself a shiny new water bottle.

Quest is raising money to build a new worship center, to make room for more people. For my contribution, I'm going to be serving as admin asst for the Kidcare part of Imagine². But, for my monetary contribution, I'm giving up drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, and giving the money I would have spent on soda. So I bought myself a shiny water bottle for my replacement liquid: ice water. I'm also giving up my salon visits, which means no more acrylic nails, pedicures, or hair styling. I'm excited about getting to be part of i²; I can't wait to see more details about the new worship center, and the changes to the current building.

Today, I've got a bunch of admin stuff to do for Life Group, Creative Arts, and V2. I've got homework, laundry, and a pile of stuff to see to on the kitchen table. At 10, I'm going over to C's house to help her put together a proposal for Kidcare for i⊃. And I'm staving off a desire for another nap.

Once I leave the house to pick up Tigger (& L today), we'll get a bite to eat, go to Tutoring Club, then to church. Critter is picking up the boys there; I'm helping with phone calls about i⊃. After that, I'm meeting L and S at The Pub for our last synergy group gathering.

Friday is breakfast, drive Tigger to Sayre, Life Group, LJ Idol Voting Begins, Pick up Tigger, The Mat, sleep.

Things will slow back down again on Saturday.

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Reading your week makes me tired! I hope you get some time to relax in there somewhere!

It helps me to write this all out, when I sit at the end of the day and wonder if I accomplished anything. Critter rescued me today - he's driving Tigger back and forth to Tutoring Club, so I have more typing time and less driving time. Yay!

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