Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

A good weekend

A long enough ramble to deserve cuts, but they serve more as markers than organizational labels....

I got there before the party started, at least. Enough time for a dinner, which was good, since all I'd had up until then had been sugar. Cocoa puffs for breakfast at 12:30 and cookies in the car at 4:30. Amazingly, I didn't crash.

Sydb is now thoroughly 30. As it turns out, mine were the only DVDs at the party, so I'm pleased that I went with the "unusual find in the cheapie bin" quantity approach, over the "best possible recent release." And anyway, I don't think I could have beaten out Wolf's Thin Man. The party was nice. Enough people to feel that Sydb was being properly feted, without so many that it was impossible to breathe or move. There is a limit to space in the house, after all.

The cake turned out okay. Lots of raves, but it was drier than usual, and I think it was my mistake in trying to double the recipe for the mousse part. Very chocolately, but not as airy as usual. Next year I'll do it the right way; it should be much better than it was.

I need to replace my 1/2 inch pastry tubes. The round one is lost, and one of the kids got creative with the star one. Think the after picture of an acme cannon. Not sure how they managed it. And I'd like to find a good quality cloth pastry bag. I think the plastic ones are inimical to beaten egg white based concoctions like meringue and mousse, and even the large parchment triangles are too small for the Concord recipe. Gotta replace my parchment triangles. I'm thinking of just buying parchment on a roll, as it would be simpler for lining pans, anyway.

Saturday was nice. We got to a slow start in the morning, which was much appreciated after staying up until 2 the night before. Yummy breakfast, followed by leisurely shopping. I tried to limit myself to under $10 on the .89 stamps, but I could only narrow it down to 12. In my defense, two are gifts. Near the second stamping store, I found a leopard-print bed bench, but even on consignment it was too high: scheduled to be marked *down* to $219 on the 26th.

We got back from shopping with enough time to watch Angel and snuggle up in bed before I had to leave. Roo got center stage for snuggle time, alternating between sitting and standing, with lots of smiles and giggles scattered throughout. She has an infectious laugh.

I am of the completely amateur opinion that Roo is going to grow up to be a well-adjusted child, with such an enormously loving base upon which to build. She gets lots of loving attention from parents who also have lives, so won't end up living through hers. Lucky girl. :)

I wore one of my leather vests to the handfasting on Saturday night. I'd gotten a bit self-conscious about the fit: in CA, Turnip commented on how tight it was. But Wolf was wonderfully complementary, and I could even carry my phone under my right breast without looking obviously lopsided.

I enjoyed being all flirty at the handfasting and the service itself was very interesting; it was the first I'd attended. I'd thought the ties would remain on all night, but they took them off after (during?) the first dance.

The drive there was really something. I hadn't gotten directions, and only used Mapquest to look at the wiggly lines and decide that Kerr was attached to the road which was the exit from I-65. And sort of drove by faith. The road was long and narrow and wiggly, with a mile worth of 15 mph limit, and it was a rainy night, with patches of fog. There were two or three spots that made me feel as if I was driving into the land of the faerie, and that seemed appropriate for the event. Unfortunately there were others that had a two hour delay caused by the driving directions provided by Mapquest. Oops.

Leaving Wolf and Sydb's was an event in itself. I'd only gotten as far as the porch before I realized I was walking out of there without my actual overnight bag and bedding. Then I'd gotten all the way to the door with my stuff before I remembered my glasses and that I'd wanted to look at Mapquest. When I finally got into the car to start the engine, I looked down and saw my Kroger plus card on the floor. But no, that's attached to my keychain, which is in the ignition switch. No, that's Sydb's elephant/cell phone, isn't it?

And in all those trips back, I still managed to leave my camera, my eardrops and my cake carrier at the house. I drove back by for my camera, cause I figured I'd want it for Hedo, and still didn't remember the cake carrier until halfway to Lexington, and didn't think of the eardrops until Wolf called me the next day. They were almost gone, so I'm not worried about them.

Whew. Talk about drinking from the Lethe.

Okay, so Sunday, I was going to tackle the bills, conquer them, and hand over the casualty reports to Flar. Instead, I slept rather late.

See, while I was at Wolf and Sydb's, wishing Sydb Happy Birthday, and regaling them with my exploits at the handfasting, Critter called. The fire alarm had woken him up, with what I was pretty sure was the low battery signal. But he was pretty shaken, so I called over to the House Where People are Awake (which makes a rotten acronym, HWPA), and got Kittybane to go over and get the boys so they could sleep until I got back. Which put me into bed well after 2am, for another night in a row.

Sunday morning I slept until afternoon. Then bathed. Then knitted and watched strange movies on IFC, and finished reading The Silver Chair and read the first chapter of The Horse and His Boy.

Even though I got to sleep early enough that sleep was hard-won, I slept late this morning, Because I Could. Then drove Critter to visit a friend (I'm on call waiting for him to need a ride back home), ate breakfast, solved two crosswords, and caught up on email and live journal.

I've started an email discussion with the Chess Coach about tournament schedules, as well as a possible field trip, and before Friday I need to finish inputting all the information I have about which kids have signed up for Chess Club.

Terribly good at avoiding bills.

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