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Sunday afternoon with family

Critter is working on his Egg Drop project for Physics. Fried Rice for breakfast tomorrow. Gotta use the early test subjects somehow. (He's putting the eggs in ziplock bags before he puts them in his creation, thus catching all the eggy goodness for foody use.)

Tigger's been cleaning the playroom so that he can have a LAN party for his birthday. Flar thinks we'll be able to finish it up next weekend. Tigger gets a three day weekend after his birthday, so that's when the LAN party will happen.

L is over. We gave him a ride to church this morning; since then he's been helping Tigger clean.

Flar's relaxing on the couch with me, right now. Earlier this weekend, his side was hurting, but the pain has finally subsided. It's related to his kidneys. :(

Flar and Tigger made Vichysoisse for lunch. For dinner, I warmed mine, and added cheese. mmmmm, cheese.

My comfy chair is in the chair hospital. Expected back on Wednesday, it is repairable.

I've designated Sunday weigh-in day. Last weekend, I saw my first weight loss. No further progress this week, but the two pound loss didn't come back on, so I count that as a win.

I go back to the dentist for my six month checkup tomorrow. Gasp. I still haven't gotten Critter an appointment at a sedation dentist to see about his cavities. By now, we might as well schedule it as a checkup. Sigh. Flar wants me to schedule an appointment for him in April.

Okay, I'm stalling. Time to work on finances.
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