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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Another busy one
Busy Day
Sometimes it helps to write it all out.

French Toast Breakfast - done
Drive Critter to School - done
Mail Financial Aid info packet - done
Make Pizza Cups - done
Deliver to School - done, late
Call Sullivan - done
Be home for furniture repair guy - due now
Wrap present for A
Call Life Group re potluck & nametags
Make new Name Tags
Print contact lists and pictures
Make and print new contact information form
Make a savory breakfast treat
Update Finances
Clean Kitchen
Fold Laundry
3pm leave for Sayre, take Tigger to Tutoring Club, go to Logan's for A's party
Finish up my Idol entry for the week.
Go to bed on time

Critter's feeling well enough for school today, but not well enough to drive. He said he could get rides the rest of the day.

The College Board IDOC is enough off the beaten path that the PO would only guarantee 2-day delivery with Express Mail. Sigh. At least it's mailed, and it's trackable.

Tigger told me the wrong time for Pizza Cup delivery, so his advisory is going to eat them during recess.

Sullivan doesn't offer courses to middle-schoolers, but they are sending information about Culinary Camp for this summer.

The dogs are barking, maybe that's the furniture guy.