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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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mmm, fic-tionnnnnnnnnn
Alrighty, all caught up on LJ Idol and voting. Banana pancakes for breakfast, and worked on my homework for No Stones. Critter's doctor's appointment isn't until 4:20pm, but I need to hit the bank before 2pm to deposit and cash checks. I'm also supposed to be at home for the plumber to show.

Gonna scurry around the house finding cleanable surfaces for the housekeeper; clean up the kitchen; fold a whole bunch of laundry; make some phone calls; then leave the house for the short errand trip. But, not before the results are published for LJ Idol, along with the new topic.

On to productivity!

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Hi there! :)

I'm not sure if you've read the intersection info for the next round of Idol or not, but I wanted to see if you would be interested in teaming up with me.

I've enjoyed getting to know you through this competition and I'd be honored if you'd be so kind as to team up with me in the next leg of this journey.

If you've already got a partner, or if you'd rather not team with me, that's absolutely fine. Just let me know. :)

Sorry, I've already teamed up with Ro. I wanted to ask her first, since we're close friends.

I would have loved to team with you otherwise, and I'm very flattered by the invitation. Thank you!

No problem. :) Thanks for letting me know. :) walkertxkitty still needs a partner, so I should be all right. :)

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