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There and back again.

Tigger, who takes to math very naturally, is being tutored in math now. He doesn't show his work, and it's losing him points. G. said they butted heads, but made a little bit of progress. At least Tigger is willing to work with him. That's an advance over the earlier in the school year. G. is a middle school math teacher at TLS. He was Critter's 6th grade math teacher, as well as his advisor throughout middle school. He was also the chess coach while Critter and Tigger were both involved in chess at TLS, and the boys bought really like him.

Anyway, getting Tigger over there by 10 was my only commitment outside the house today. We got there late, but G was running later. If I had any thoughts about changing my mind on my plan to spend the time in my Mat homework, they were chased away by the scruffy-headed, baby-blue bathrobed image that greeted me.

Have I mentioned that inappropriate crushes are part of the problem I'm working on healing in No Stones?

Anyway, I made progressed on the first assignment, which I didn't complete last week. My new plan is to spend time each morning this week in prayer and homework. There was a period of a few months where I'd developed that into a habit and I'd really like to return to it. Right now, my prayers are more the Tevye variety, talking with Jesus. Not as much listening as I need.

The 2nd St. Stage project is on hold for now. They're about to start remodeling the downstairs KQJr area to expand the space, and they have plans to take the older 2s upstairs to participate in large group with the 3s, 4s and 5s. I'm not sure how this is going to look, but I'm currently thankful for a little less on my plate. I'm going to continue to meet with V and S on Tuesday mornings, though. Community is the middle name of my church for good reason.

Feeling a little less stressed about time. Now to put some of it to use around here, without getting overwhelmed.
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