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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Bye-ing out this week
LJ Idol
The topic was "My Biggest Challenge" or a romance scene with zombies.

My first thought - before the alternate topic was posted - was the clutter in my house. The boxes and boxes of stuff that I paw through when I'm doing craft projects, looking for stuff I just know is there.

Then I saw the alternate topic, and I had visions of craft materials taking on sentience: undead beings with limbs of yarn, bodies of fabric, organs of wrapping paper; tinsel hair; you get the idea. Finding each other, the wonder of it, and then the tragedy of being separated in their budding youth (think Romeo and Juliet) by a mad, organizing fiend.

But alas, I find my true opponent has always been Time. My ongoing challenge is budgeting the few hours that are given me each day. My desire is to put God first, but when was the last time I sat down daily with my bible?

I find myself sitting to write 5 minutes before the bedtime I need to maintain in order to be up to fix breakfast for Tigger and then drive him to school and myself to Life Group. I've spent my evening making sure I've things ready for Life Group in the morning, and just remembered another page I need to format and print.

So for now, Time remains an victorious in this ongoing match of ours, and I've emailed my request to use my last Bye.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll find time to catch up on my reading, at least.

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So... lack of time is really your greatest challenge? Just reword this slightly and you won't need a bye. :-)

I agree -- I'm laughing cause I thought it was your LJ Idol entry until I reread the top more carefully :-)

Good luck on the time budgeting. I've been off for the last two days, battling a head cold so that I won't have it on a flight and I worked 14 1/2 hours on those "days off". Yumping Yimminy

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