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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Eggs, milk & bagels
Tigger's school let out early for impending weather, and I forgot the basics yesterday.
Eggs, milk & bagels on the grocery conveyor, along with crescent rolls, Dr. Pepper and carrots

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*squint* And are those kumquats, or dried apricots? Or really big jelly beans? :-)

The complete shopping list was

milk & eggs (that I'd forgotten yesterday)
bagels (by Critter's request)
crescent rolls (easiest dumplings EVAR)
Dr. Pepper (we were starting to run low)
baby carrots (we had some, but I turned 'em into critter food - threw them in the backyard - cause they were getting nasty)

I came home and made chicken and dumplings for my boys for lunch. Got three tall squares of leftovers, too. We were supposed to get snow, then ice, but the ice is coming first. *pout*

Flar is the only one still out in it.

Aha, baby carrots.

Had to stop and think for a moment to realize that critter food was different from Critter food. :-)

I wonder if it is possible to take the baby carrots and cook/mash/puree them in some way as to make some kind of pancake / french toast topping? Hmmm...

Better to use them to make carrot bread, then french toast that.

Eggs and milk...and weather. French Toast Emergency!

We had French toast for breakfast on Tuesday, Ramen yesterday, leftover pancakes while I slept this morning. Tomorrow will be waffle day.

Mmmm... waffles!

We're having out staff meeting breakfast tomorrow, for which I'm making (by request) homemade sausage gravy & Grands biscuits. Other food items to be brought include an egg & cheese casserole, donuts, some kind of breakfast taters, sausage balls, juice, fruit, and cookies. LOL.


i know this isn't *exactly* what you wanted, but i can't do that *at the moment*.

it's taken me forever to find something that i even remotely like.

let me know what you think - you don't have to use it if you hate it.


This is the acknowledgement comment. I need to let it sink in and think about it a bit.

Thank you for working so hard on this.

it's all good. thank you for my v-gift!

if you'd like colour changes - let me know. or if you want to do another layout style.

if you like the header we can put it on anything.

i tried stretching the image so you could have it as background - but i couldn't get it to look nice, and my preference would be to not title it as you can see the joins and it doesn't look as nice as one smooth pattern.

anyways - i'm happy to do more if you like. it just wanted to show you where it was at and get some feedback. it's all in your court. :)

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