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I went to sleep exhausted last night. Not so much for all I did, exactly. I was busy all day, and (a) only accomplished a fraction of what I'd planned (usually not something that would exhaust or discourage me), but (b) ended up doing other, tiring things instead, and (c) I left my laptop charger at the library, so I didn't enjoy a proper surfing cool-down.
Messy Things to do list on White Board
Above is the white board, as modified for today. And no, I still haven't gotten the phone calls made. But today, I am merely tired from a long day, as opposed to being discouraged.

I use the board for planning Very Busy Days™. Yesterday was shaping up to be one of those. Today was a mixture, but was loaded with leftovers from yesterday.

For those who can't see the picture very clearly, I've got Tuesday's list written in purple, with times assigned to some of the tasks. After such a verplunkt day, I kept the list intact, changed colors, and wrote over it to build today's list. The arrows indicate tasks moved forward to Wednesday, the checkmarks indicate completed tasks, and the X's indicate abandoned tasks.

(To the side, circled & checked: French Toast Breakfast)
Clean up kitchen -> Wed (not done yet)
Put together Tickety (checked) and Window -> Wed (not done yet)
8:45a -> Veronica's house (checked, although I left about 15 minutes late)
9-12 Church: Working on 2stStage (checked, although we mostly did tear-down)
12:30 Home: Calls -> Wed
Clean Kitchen -> Wed
Continue Laundry -> Wed
Shopping Supplies -> Wed
Sort Mail -> Wed
(Instead of all of these, I got home half and hour earlier than I'd expected, but used all the time to help Critter with his presidential scholar application by typing up what he'd hand-written, and taking "dictation" to complete another question. He ended up doing the editing in the library while Tigger was at Tutoring Club, and we drove to Kinko's downtown to ship it off securely. The Fedex pickup guy waited on us before leaving the building. Quite sweet.)
2pm -> Sayre (checked)
Sam's -> Wed
Library (forgot to check off)
5p Tutoring Club (checked)
Kroger -> Wed

Out to the side, I noted the bonus activities: Doctor and Fedex.

Today's list:

Ramen Breakfast (checked)
Clean up Kitchen
Continue Laundry
Sort Mail
->Beaumont Library
10:30a Amber's
Sam's Club, Sayre, Kroger
Celebration, Work

No, I don't live a simple life. I think a simple life might kill me, though. ;)

I chose a nice long shower over continuing the laundry or sorting mail. I did *some* cleaning in the kitchen - there are clean dishes in the dishwasher, the dishwasher sink and recycling sink are both partially full, and the dishpan has stuff to hand-wash. The table is mostly organized.

I talked to Amber and she's having a verplunkt week too, so I didn't go over today. I did retrieve my laptop charger, and make the Sam's and Kroger's run. I was early to pick up Tigger, and picked up burritos for Critter on the way home. I have picked up a nasty headache along the way -- I suspect I didn't stop reading early enough last night, and that it is a low-sleep headache.

I'm skipping Celebration tonight so that I can get to work earlier, and get to bed closer to a realistic time.

I've got 280 entries saved to read from my friends list from yesterday and today, and likely won't get to read them till tomorrow afternoon. I've a couple of ideas for my LJ topic, but I may end up using my last bye due to time crunch.

Critter woke up feeling worse this morning than last night -- I hope the doctor's diagnosis is right and the drugs help him soon.

Enough bibble, gonna leave for work soon.
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