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Busy weekend

I haven't been online as much this weekend as I was all that time I was sick... Being healthy takes me away from the keyboard, I suppose.

I never got online at all on Saturday, and not till late on Sunday, so I didn't put up an invite for church this weekend. And the podcast and archive of the livecast aren't available yet.

It was a great lesson, though. Pete taught about Jesus using the disciples to feed the 5,000 men (and more woman and children). In his build-up to the story, he talked about fixing food at home when the cupboard is a bit bare. Go listen yourself to figure out why we had Haägen-Dazs with breakfast this morning. :) At the end of his sermon, Pete announced Imagine2. We're going to open our fall Kick-off Series in 2009 in a brand-new building with a 2500 seat auditorium, so that we can continue to make room for everyone. Oh my gosh! It's very exciting.

A quick run-down on the weekend -

Friday: Life Group in the morning (after working for the first time in ages, the night before, so I was rather sleepy), insufficient napping, The Mat (about which I still intend to write in more detail), then sleep.

Saturday: Back to church in the morning for a planning session in my new service group - the KidsQuest Jr Second Street Large Group Stage. Well, that's a mouthful. I'll probably just refer to it as KQJr Stage. Anyway, we got plans for the next set, divvied up small projects, figured out a time to meet regularly (Tuesday and Thursday mornings), and really spent most of the time sharing about how God has been working in our lives, and how we can pray for each other. Three woman, talking about Jesus. Yeah, we got out the kleenex. ;)

Next up were errands: Michael's, PetSupermarket and Kroger. I bought steak for dinner, and a bunch of other useful foodstuffs, as well as kibble, posterboard and wiggly eyes. I picked up TT before getting home in time to spend some quality time with the kitchen. I fixed steak, mac&cheese, chicken fingers, broccoli and corn for dinner. I also got the microwave, toaster oven and cooktop clean, as well as the granite counter top. I went to bed on-time, leaving the rest of the kitchen for Sunday.

Sunday: My first KQJr huddle (more quality community time at Quest - caring for us, before we care for others' kids), followed by V2, then Second Street South (my area in KQJr). I got to see the Detective set in use before we tear it down on Tuesday -- I missed out the last two weeks due to the flu. Very fun.

At church, Critter got to tell GG about selecting him as his Most Influential Teacher for the Presidential Scholar application. If Critter is selected, GG will get to accompany him to DC for the weekend. Really neat stuff. :)

I spent the rest of my Sunday cleaning the kitchen, watching a bit of TV and the Simpsons Movie, and eating. Leftovers for lunch, PB&J for dinner. And by the time I went to bed, the kitchen was completely clean, with clean dishes drying on towels on the counter and the dishwasher running. My housekeeper is coming today, so I'm going to ask her to clean the cabinet doors before she mops. Yay for clean kitchens!

This morning: I FINALLY got around to voting -- my latest ever, but there were so many good entries!!!

Today, I'm concentrating on laundry, with a side of mail and paperwork.
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