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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Pictures from Valentine's Day (actually, the night before)

 Image:  Flights of Wine - Three wine glasses, each containing two ounces of a different red wine, placed at a diagonal to the place setting.  Image:  My dinner - a rectangular plate, with the beef, potato cake topped with two intertwined shrimp and broccolini set down not touching each other.
Flights of Wine
We ate at Napa River Grill, which offered flights of wine -- 2 ounces each of three different wines.
My dinner
Beef tenderloin with a truffle sauce reduction, shrimp over a scalloped potatoes cake, and broccolini.
 Image:  Rose Petals scattered over the turn-down king-sized bed in the room.  Image:  Chocolate covered stawberries and a single rose on a dark-chocolate-colored, rectangular plate.
Rose Petals
Flar, examining the in-room breakfast menu. Breakfast in bed is one of my favorite hotel treats.
Chocolate covered stawberries and a single rose.
Flar arranged for this to be delivered to our room before we got back from dinner.
Rubber Ducky provided for your pleasure.
Rubber Ducky provided for your pleasure.
The hotel even provided a rubber ducky in the shower-bath.

Flar chose the restaurant and the hotel. I checked in before he did, and had presents and a card ready for him when we got back from dinner. He really appreciated my gift theme: keeping him warm. I bought an electric blanket for our king-sized bed, a heart-shaped gel hand-warmer, and a facial steamer for when he gets sinus headaches. We had dinner at Napa River Grill, followed by a night at Museum 21C Hotel in downtown Louisville, and completed by breakfast delivered to the room in the morning.

Flar has an office in downtown Louisville, so we met at the hotel. I got to have a leisurely morning in the room after he went to work, followed by a short expedition to Oxmoor mall, including a visit to the Apple Store. I bought myself a new stereo headset and longer fire-wire cable, determined that my internal microphone is properly connected, thus not functioning (and too expensive to bother repairing), and chose a new laptop-backpack for Critter. Since I'd bought gifts for Critter and Flar (an extra bar of Rum Bar Soap plus all the Valentines gifts), I stopped by the Dakota Watch kiosk and bought Tigger a new watch: orange leather band and "old-fashioned/sleek" red-led style display face. (The kind that's black until you query the time, and then it sorted of zooms the dots into the center before it settles into the time display, followed by the date. Tigger really likes it, even though it's not water-resistant: no showering with this watch on.) Then, since I'd gotten prezzies for my family, I treated myself to five new pairs of Pink undies from Victoria's Secret.

Best Valentine's Day, ever. :)

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What a lovely evening and shopping expidition! You are loved! I love shopping. If you come to Louisville in July to meet me, maybe you, roina_arwin and I can have a bit of a shopping trip ourselves? Whaddya think?

I'm always up for some shopping! :)

shopping is a good thing! Smile. hahah.

Shopping is most definitely a good thing. We shall take you shopping in July. That will be fun.

Sounds like a plan!!! Can't wait!

Awww - rubber duckie!

What, we don't get to see pics of the new undies? ;)

Rummage, rummage...

This is the style I like, and would you believe, "L" is comfy for me?

If you don't follow the link, they are the v-strings. The "strings" are comfy-stretchy, and don't bind.

If you do follow the link, the colors I bought (pretty much determined by what was available, and avoiding "Pink" labelled stuff) aren't on the page. I chose two or three different multi-colored stripes. But I love some of the colors on the page, especially the black with colored dots.

That rubber duckie wins everything.

Isn't it adorable!

I love a hotel with its priorities on right. :)

Yay! So there really was romance! That is all just beautiful. I'm really glad you had such a wonderful time.

Yes, it was very romantic. From leaving our books at home, to the wine and yummy food, elegantly served, to the rose petals and the chocolate-covered strawberries. Even to falling asleep in the middle of Fantastic Four.

Best VD ever. :)

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