Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

The rest of the day


I thought it was the daiquiri, but now I'm thinking it's the time of day, combined with the jacuzzi.

The afternoon was a flurry of activity. I finally cleared out my car -- there was still stuff in it from my birthday party, for gosh sakes. And put the spare tire back underneath, where apparently Wal-Mart tire guys don't know how to put it away.

I'd promised Critter a trip to Staples -- he needed a notebook for science, and Flar said we were out of paper, and the yellow is clogged in my ink cartridge -- not going to bother changing it until the next time I want to print color, though. I use the thing mostly for printing checks and payment information forms for my Thursday bowling league, these days.

While we were there, Critter found a keyboard that he wanted, to pay for out of his cash. I had the clerk total my stuff first, since I had a $10 of f $40 coupon, and a $20 off $100 coupon. It turns out I needed his keyboard to put me over the top for the second coupon, so I added his to my total to get an extra $10 off. Go me.

On to the grocery, where we re-stocked the cooler, bought weather staples (you know, whenever they forecast bad weather, people run out and buy milk, eggs and bread), other important vitals like cheese, and a bunch of about-to-expire coupon goods. This was the first time I used the new Kroger gift card for shopping. I bought the card through TLS, so they get 5% of every amount I "recharge" onto the card. I overestimated what I'd spend, but no matter - we did manage to fill two shopping baskets with food.

Once home, the boys and Flar carried in the groceries, while I put away the cold stuff and then started making dinner. I'd invited Nursey over for dinner, to get my cake taker back. She arrived right before I got started on cooking.

Dinner was yummy -- Zanzibar chicken, rice, gazed carrots and caramel chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Flar made lime and orange daiquiris for us to drink before and during dinner, and I've almost finished a bottle of water that I started when we got into the jacuzzi.

The jacuzzi top is cleared off, ready for me to wrap presents for Sydb, and then sort clean laundry. I've done all the loads that contain clothing: tomorrow I can wash and dry the fuzzy mattress pad for winter.

Too bushed to print the bowling forms tonight -- I'll get it done in the morning, and then head off to the bowling alley. Got a reasonably short list of food from Sam's as my only errand tomorrow, unless Flar never made it over to CVS.

Tomorrow night: baking Sydb's birthday cake and modelling wardrobe selections for my trip to Hedo with Knight and Flar and Gaucha.

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