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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Church this weekend
Why look at the time. It's almost time for me to skedaddle to The Mat. I've gone from being a regular no-show back to trying to go to two classes a week. There is a Food Group meeting from 6-7 before the worship part of the evening, and then I'm starting back into No Stones, and I was invited to join the closed group from 8-9.

This is the new schedule for the Mat, starting this week:
5:30-7 Dinner
6-7 Mat Groups
7-8 Worship
8-9 Mat Groups
There are more groups than I can do justice to, writing here. Many of the groups have multiple meeting times, with some times "closed" to a specific group of people, but there is an open meeting for each Mat group.

If you struggle with anything in your life, there is probably a Mat group for you. If you're local to the Lexington area, I encourage you to drop in to Quest and find out more.

I had it from multiple sources that I am in the aftermath of the flu, seeing as how my fever is gone. Regardless, my energy level is quite low, so I'm getting rides rather than driving. Critter is taking me tonight, and I've already got a ride home lined up.

In our weekend teaching series, we are studying The Days and Nights of Jesus. This weekend, we look at The Day Jesus Asked a Question. The question is "Who do you say I am?"

Service times are Saturday at 5:55 pm, and Sunday at 9 am, 10:22 am & 11:55 am. Even if you aren't local to the area, you can join the service via our live-cast.

I won't be working in the nursery on Sunday fershur, but I plan to attend the 10:22 am service in V2. Let me know if you want to join me; we can meet before the service.

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I just want to say that I love your descriptions of your church. I love it that you and it are so focused on analysis and on understanding the meaning behind the words instead of just repeating selected passages. There needs to be more intelligent discussion in the world...

Thank you! Check out the livecast sometime. I can honestly say, the teaching style is very accessible.

Can I ask why you voted no to my poll?

I should have followed up with a comment in your post; I apologize.

(Pause while I re-read what I read last night, and percolate through to find my thought processes.)

The letter is unclear in motive. in one part, you imply your motive is to be uplifting, supporting to him. Make it clear to him that he has value as a person, that he is a good man. However, your writing about him in your journal, and in parts of this letter, it seems clear to me that much of you longs to be in a romantic relationship with him. I can't tell, having read both, how much of your journal writing influences my reading of the letter.

Examine your motives carefully; what are your goals in sending this letter? Would they be reached by what you've written?

That basically encapsulates my worry. I don't mean it to be a romantic letter - just a thank you - but I do mean to send it on Valentines because of all the rest.

I'm going to re-examine it and try and do some weeding. But since we have talked about it he already knows how much I'd like to be in a relationship with him, so it won't be news...

Thanks very much for your feedback - I appreciate the objectivity greatly.

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