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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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It's a girl-tragedy!!
It hurts to talk. I mean, honestly, feeling weak when I walk or stand is just a really powerful excuse not to do dishes or fold laundry. But I can't talk on the phone! Wah.

Feel free to entertain me. I'm logged in on chat as DebHisle on AIM and deb.doodlebug dot gmail.com and minikin dot livejournal.com on Jabber.

Warning. I'm feeling whiny. It seemed like the best mood in which to watch Scorcher. I'm trying really hard not to root for LA to be destroyed. ;)

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I couldn't make it through that movie:( darn you sci fi.

For some silly reason I thought the presence of John Rhys Davies and Rutger Hauer meant quality. But OMG. Such craziness.

I even sat through "ghost voyage" so my bs tolerance is high:)

I'm cranky, too. I have a cold, Cayne has a cold, I have round ligament pain and back pain. And nine or so weeks to go til the baby is born.

OMG, you must be big as a house by now. No wonder the ligament pain.


Some days I feel much larger than others. My sweetie entirelysonja took a couple of photos when I was up there for my shower over the weekend. I gave the CD to Cayne-if he knows where it is, I'll try and post a photo later.

I was about to go to bed and I saw your post, so I posted the photo I'm comfortable posting. The other one...I'm not sure about yet. Should be the most recent post in my LJ.

Sleep well.

Try going to the feed store around you and get fish cycline Tetracycline 100 capsile 250 Milgram I believe. Says not to use for human consumption but its the same as any doctor will give. Thereis Penaciline as well as amoxacilin there also. from 25-30 dollars a bottle. Use it when I had pnemonia. My Instructor auctualy gave it to me because I started to hallucanate and couldn't sleep or breath for a couple of days. That night that I used it, was able to sleep.

I've got an appointment with the doc. Many antibiotics are actually on the Meijer freebie list, and our Kroger matches them. The coughing isn't constant. I don't have sinus drainage stirring things up in my throat, so the normal cough triggers aren't there. Problem is, i can *hear* the fluid in my lungs. Without a stethoscope. So yeah, doctor time. I'm going to talk to him about what I've been doing, and get advice about treatment, not merely medication.

In the absence of lung-drugs, I've been using guiafenesin when I'll be awake enough to cough, advil for pain (but not the fever -- I figured it was a better treatment than antibiotics, while it was still around), and caffeine to open airways. I've had thrice or 4x my normal amount of ddp today. And lots and lots of water.

It's so weird though. I just never get lung stuff like this.

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