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Shh. Be wery wery kwiet.
LJ Idol
Refreshing LJ Idol for the next topic.

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Reelziez? What be this new-to-me-ness?

For realsies... the plural of "for real." My friend Anne uses it constantly and has gotten me into saying it.

Thanks for the language lesson. :)

Hey- another wabbit hunter's on the prowl today. Kewl!

Heh. I'm too sick still, for productive work around the house, so I'm sitting under my laptop, repeatedly hitting open-apple-R.

Ugh, another mac user... Switch to the dark side: we have donuts!

Heh, you need them, to while away the time when your computer locks up.

No, seriously, I use a PC at work, and I have no problems with it. I just like my Mac because it's shiny.

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