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Too sick to read

Cover art for Trace Evidence
Wow, that came out of nowhere. I was coughing, just a little bit, last night, then more this morning. Then, while I was helping put together the 2nd Street stage, I started feeling awful. Achy joint, fever sort of awful. When I got home, my temperature was 99.something. Not particularly high, except I ordinarily run a sub-normal temp.

To bed, with bubbly water, Advil, ramen and chocolate. An audiobook for company.

My temperature is down to just over "normal," and I'm feeling that "under the influence of Advil" sort of feeling. Finished listening to Trace Evidence, by Elizabeth Becka, read by Bernadette Dunne. No email of note, caught up on LJ. gonna watch the livecast. The Day that Jesus Stopped Traffic.
Tags: audiobooks, sick

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