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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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The monopoly test
Since Critter had a monopoly tournament for his birthday, I thought he would enjoy taking this test:

Take the Monopoly Piece Quiz!

I thought his results were particularly funny, since he's finally gotten a haircut, and he's unlikely to be capable of hat-hair until it grows out a bit.

There were, of course, minor differences between his answers and mine. I turned out to be:

Take the Monopoly Piece Quiz!

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This has nothing to do with monopoly...

...but about Critter. I saw a boy, of driving age (he was the driver of a car at the gas station) that looked like what Critter will likely look like at 16 or so. Yes, it was a frightening sight..Critter driving!! ;)

(ok, not really, but it was kind of weird to see basically an older Critter...they're supposed to stay kids...right?!?!?!)

Re: This has nothing to do with monopoly...

Nope. Kids keep on growing. We tried to keep critter young by not updating his webpage for four years, but it didn't work -- he's almost as tall as I am, now.

Critter, Tigger and I all went for hair cuts today. I'll pass judgement on mine after I shampoo it tomorrow -- Flar can't tell it was cut. Critter and Tigger on the other hand?

Okay, so yesterday Critter looked like Starsky, of Starsky & Hutch. Today his hair looks more like Indiana Jones'. I think they used a number three comb. Tigger opted for the "little boy cut."

They both look older again.

Boys grow in their sleep, and when you cut their hair. ;)

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