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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Looks like tomorrow is going to be another action packed day
Busy Day
I got home from church tonight with a project for the morning, then Critter hit me with another. He forgot that the Spanish party is tomorrow. Oops. Look up the recipe for Empañada dough, find out it needs to be refrigerated overnight, made the dough, come to bed. Start listing out tomorrow. Oh my.

2nd Street Stage project
Sheriff - hard deadline of noon - they close early on Thursdays, but the prop. taxes cost more if we pay them in February.
Pick up chocolate fountain; pick up chocolate, mini-marshmallows, sour cream & cheddar cheese.
Drop off fountain
Drop by Don Jacobs if trunk still doesn't open (this just came up tonight)
Pick up Fazoli's for Tigger
Drop off Tigger at Tutoring Club (Critter is picking him up)
Go to Quest to work on 2nd Street Stage
home - I will be SO ready for a nap
Pick up S and go over to L's for pizza and games.
home: generate new contact list and print out copies for Life Group

And I thought my Fridays were full.