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Wow, I was sleepy yesterday.

It was a rainy, blustery day, and I kept missing S & L in our game of phone tag. The last message, to me, was let's try for Thursday. I thought, very briefly, about using the time to catch up at home. Then I decided to catch up on sleep. So I went to bed by 9pm. Briefly awakened when Critter returned home from Academic Meet (they won, after four rounds of play). The wind blew down a large limb from one of the walnuts next to the garage. Nothing hurt but the tree; it's in the yard now, so the dogs have something new to investigate.

Today I'm meeting with Amber at 10:30, then I have various errands out of the house. I need to call V about helping with the tear-down and brain-storming and build for 2nd Street Large Group set.

I've got pics for Life Group that I still haven't mailed to the subjects, and used to replace pics in the address book. I've got a some calls/emails to make wrt questions about phone numbers, then a new copy of the list to print. I need to follow up with C about a key request, and maybe call/email K. There's clean laundry to sort, fold and put away and more dirty clothes to turn into clean laundry. There's dirty dishes to wash, chili to season and mail to process.

I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm went off, then catnapped through 3 delicious snoozes buttons. French toast for breakfast. The dogs got Tigger's extra, as I don't care for real maple syrup. I know, I'm weird.

Shower, then work.

Morning all!
Tags: errands, sleepy

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