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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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My monday
Early to rise ➠ early to bed. At least, that's the relation that works for me. I remembered to set the alarm early enough to make pancakes for Tigger this morning; tomorrow morning, I need to get up a little more quickly after the alarm sounds - waffles take longer.

I'm trying a new strategy: Go to bed BEFORE bedtime, but bring the laptop. Post, THEN open windows to read.

Today I sorted dirty clothes, put away clean towels, ran four loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen table, cleared the counters to the left of the sink, re-organized the dishes so they won't be so imposing when I start washing up tomorrow, straightened the family room (after Hazel vacuumed the bits she could get through), and then ran five errands on the way to picking up Timothy. I stopped long enough for breakfast and lunch, and one reading break in between.

It seems I have survived another round of LJ Idol. The new topic is my Most Annoying Personality Trait. As I didn't get it written today, I'll let some ideas stew around in my head, and but no doubt get it written before the list of infamy is posted Friday morning.

Flar and Critter and I went to see The Bucket List with Ro and Knight tonight. I laughed and cried. It was a wonderful movie, worthy of all the positive reviews you could heap on it. Or, maybe I'm just easy. Go see it. Tell me what you think.

I've been taking grease out of the chili using the ladle, a soup bowl, and the fridge. By serendipity, Tigger showed me the easiest way to remove the solid fat from the chilled broth. He poked a couple of holes in it, to see what it was, and it gave me the idea to simply pour the broth out of the bowl through the hole in the fat, then free the edges of the fat and take it out of the bowl in the one piece. Cool.

Tomorrow I start adding spice to the chili.

For now, I get to read a bit.

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If you chill the broth in a wide, shallow bowl, you can just lift the fat off and dump it. Or, if you want to part with some money, Williams-Sonoma makes a doodad that you pour broth into, it separates in a few minutes, then pours off the de-fatted broth and lets you throw out the liquid fat. I usually use the wide, shallow bowl method.

For a while I strained broth into an iced tea pitcher, but the "crust" of fat was so thick it was hard to scoop off, and the broth was still fatty and had to be chilled again.

Haven't seen "Bucket List," but Mr. P'shaw and I plan to see Cloverfield this weekend. A day to mark down! He wants to see a sci-fi thing I want to see!

I started by lifting. But the fat is thin and broke. This way, I poke one small hole, one slightly larger hole, and pour the broth back into the chili. Then I remove the fat layer from the bowl without getting pieces back in the broth. The soup bowl I'm using appears to be of sufficiently shallow nature.

Mind you, if I'd thought to chill the meat after the fat melted, but before it fell apart, I could have chilled it separately from the broth and gotten more fat at once. C'est la vie.

I almost got motion sickness years ago, watching The Great Waldo Pepper at a drive-in. And that was before my childhood vulnerability to motion sickness returned full force with pregnancy. I don't think I'll be able to handle Cloverfield.

I enjoyed the bucket list as well.

That's going to be some good chilli. A long time in the making.

The irony is, I'd just as happily scarf down a cold can of Hormel. Silly me.

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