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Yay! Flar's Home!

I haven't been keeping track of my bedtime very well, but I was well rested when I got up at 10:30am. I did enough straightening last night to be ready for the housekeeper, and to have a neat house to greet Flar.

Critter drove, and we got to the airport exactly on time. Flar was waiting for his luggage, and he seemed pleased that I came in with his coat. His suitcase was the last one put on the conveyor belt. We had lunch at Fazoli's on the way home, and then I bustled around with Flar, helping him to unpack. He brought home a pretty green vase made from cutting and etching a wine bottle, and a shiny steel squirrel-shaped nut cracker. Gaucha sent me heart-shaped chocolates; officially my first Valentine. ;)

Our housekeeper is here making the house clean (and clean-smelling, which is nifty), and Tigger has a friend over, to play video games.

I did not, in fact, get in trouble for how much the service cost on Flar's car. He is rightly annoyed at them however. He says they misled him at his 60K service visit, as to forecasting the remaining life on the rotors; worse - he had already ordered and paid for the cupholder that they told ME to order and pay for. He now has very concrete grounds for a stern phone call. Perhaps he will wrangle some sort of free service to make up for the inconvenience, on top of refunding one of the cupholder charges, of course.

Flar has now set off to Louisville, and will be having dinner with one of his partners there. The boys and I are going to feast on Crock Pot Enchiladas.
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